About Us

Hey there! I’m Shailen Vandeyar.

I’m all about anything that has to do with bicycling or cycling. Whether it is reviews of the latest and best, or even the oldest and most interesting, I love bikes of all kinds. Cycling is my passion.

What do I wish to achieve with Biking Bro?

My goal is to bring to you reviews of everything from the best water bottle, most comfortable bike shorts, versatile jerseys, and, of course, the greatest bikes ever.

I might digress into discussions of the best places to go when biking, how to ride your bike in the same traffic stream as motor vehicles, and which helmets will do the best job of protecting the greatest of assets: your brain.

I might even take a look at those stay-at-home stationary bikes. After all, what better way to keep in shape when the snow is up to your bicycle hubs and the streets are covered with treacherous black ice.

Or, for that matter, stationary bikes are a stay-in-shape adventure when the weather is so hot that camels are having heat strokes in the shade.

Bikes in the news are my favorites. I love taking a look at the great and famous cyclists and even the not so great or famous cyclists.

That’s my roundabout way of saying that I enjoy hearing from you. Your bike stories matter.

What are my interest areas when it comes to bicycles?

Bike commuters are my favorite people.

You are the serious cyclists, the ones who bundle up in winter, brave the streets and even highways, and know the value of a good water bottle that is easy to reach from your bicycle seat.

You know all about wind burn, sunburn, and, oh, ouch, road burn, as well as knowing how to pack your work clothing and toiletries so you appear on the job calm, well-groomed, and ready to greet the public.

I love vacationing on bikes, too. That is just about my favorite. What better way to get up close and personal with the world?

Cars whiz by, airplanes fly overhead, but cyclists know the burn in their thighs as they pedal up the hill and the wind in their faces as they fly down the other side.

They also know what happens to the incautious rider who isn’t careful about that curve at the bottom of the hill or the unexpected patch of gravel.

Repairing bikes is on my list of interests, too. If you are into cross-country biking, you never know when you might need to do a simple fix like change a flat, or swap out a cable.

Finally, there is transporting things with your bike or cycle. If you are traveling cross country, you’ll want to know how to balance your saddlebags, what is safe to carry in a basket, and your personal load limit.

My Biking Team

Since I am not an expert at everything, I have a superb team that helps us with well-researched, factually correct, and super useful content.

A huge shoutout to Ashley Kudrow, Ian Gould, Jose Anderson, Tiffany Rooney, and Shashank Verma!

We all love to learn about bicycling! Each of us at Biking Bro is an enthusiast in one area or another.

From learning how to ride to doing cool tricks, from understanding bike safety to regular bicycle servicing and maintenance, we’ve got you covered!


If you can do it on a cycle, it is on my topic list. If I haven’t written about it yet, and you would like to learn about it, let me know. I and my team are all about bicycles and cycling.

It is our passion, our favorite thing, and I’m glad to share both new and old cycling topics with you.