Best Bicycle Seat of 2021: Our 8 Picks

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When riding your bicycle, you’ll mostly be seated on the saddle – apart from when you sometimes stand to increase cycling speed. If you don’t want to suffer discomfort or a sore bum, you need to equip the bike with a good bicycle seat.

If your former bike seat is damaged and requires replacement, you need to get one that matches the previous seat’s quality, or even surpasses it.

There are many options to choose from when shopping for the best bicycle seat and this article reviews some of the best bike seats you can lay hands on.

Bicycle Seat Reviews

Quality is a paramount factor used in the selection of various products.

If you’re hoping to purchase the best bicycle seat, here are some products that you should consider:

1. Bikeroo Padded Bicycle Saddle

This Bikeroo padded bike saddle is a very comfortable product. The saddle is designed with thick memory foam that provides significant cushioning.

There’s also a dual-action suspension system that supports the bike saddle while you ride – this keeps you balanced on the seat.

The saddle is structured in such a way that weight is properly distributed and balance is maintained. The design and benefits make it the best bicycle seat and mounting it onto your bike post is a simple and straightforward process.

The Bikeroo saddle can be enjoyed greatly by both genders. Its comfort level ensures that you won’t be in pain after a bumpy bike ride. The saddle’s universal fit feature makes it suitable for different individual profiles.

  • Its overall design makes it a very comfortable saddle
  • The saddle is made wide enough
  • It can be installed easily
  • Wonderful customer service
  • Thick memory foam and dual-action suspension system
  • Universal fit structure
  • The sewing isn’t good enough

2. West Biking Black Gel Bike Seat

This is another worthy mention in our bicycle seat reviews. The West Biking Black Gel Bike Seat is equipped with a bright five-LED light.

This light is positioned on the backside of the bike seat, which allows other commuters to easily spot your bike in dark conditions. With the light’s battery, you’ll enjoy the LED’s advantages for up to 1½ days. Other features of this LED include waterproof design and customizable settings.

Structurally, this gel bike seat has been designed to provide comfort while riding. The seat has a width that will fit the bottom of most cyclists. Thanks to its memory foam cushioning, there’s a lower chance of developing aching bums after rides.

Breathable synthetic leather material is used to cover the seat’s memory foam padding. This breathable leather finishing makes the seat comfortable to use in high-temperature weather.

  • The seat is cushioned with memory foam and features a center-slit saddle
  • Breathable synthetic leather material for improved comfort
  • Comes with a rear-end five-LED light that lasts up to 1½ days
  • The width may not be convenient for some riders

3. Giddy Up! Bike Seat

The Giddy Up Bike Seat offers bikers great comfort and quality. The product has been designed to match the profile of most cyclists.

It’s well-padded and provides good long-lasting cushioning for the bum. The cushioning is implemented through the use of memory foam. With this unit on your bike, you can ride for many hours without getting a sore butt.

One eye-catching feature of this seat is its use of suspension coils. Unlike other bike seats that are attached directly to the rails, this one is supported by suspension coils that absorb the shock from bumpy rides. This way, you won’t suffer bum pains and sores when riding on jagged terrain. This feature makes it a potential best bike seat for your balls.

Take note that the suspension reduces the amount of force you can put into pedaling your bike. Apart from that, there’s a bright LED fixed into the backside of the saddle. This makes it easier for other commuters to spot your bike.

  • It features a memory foam padding for comfort
  • The saddle is designed with suspension coils for reduced vibration
  • Comes with LED light on the backside
  • The seat is wide enough to match the profile of most bikers; there’s also a center slit
  • The suspension coils reduce energy input to pedals

4. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

When talking about quality and excellent customer reviews, the Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle must be mentioned. It’s a product that has been built to deliver a great amount of comfort to bikers.

The seat comes with a dual-density gel padding that works excellently for most cyclists. This dual-density gel padding is really soft – your bum will press nicely into it as you ride your bicycle.

As you ride over rough terrain, you won’t get shaken up by the transmitted vibrations; thanks to the chrome spring coil system suspension that holds up the saddle. The manufacturers of this product have made it to easily match various bicycle models. The seat’s design is able to curb the development of sores and pains related to prolong biking and rough trails.

The installation of this bike seat isn’t complex; it’s something that can be done easily and quickly. However, one downside associated with this seat is that much height is added to the biker’s own profile. This means that taller bikers may not be able to use this product.

  • Designed to boost comfort during recreational cycling
  • Has a simple and fast installation process
  • Is able to match various bicycle models
  • The bike seat is made with a dual-density gel padding
  • Doesn’t work for taller cyclists because it adds extra height to the bicycle

5. Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard Bike Seat

Next on our list is the Planet Bike A.R.S Standard Bike Seat. The seat is designed with the purpose of delivering comfort to cyclists.

It has quality features that combine to give you the best experience. The seat is also padded with a really soft material.

Our road bike seat review would be incomplete if we didn’t mention this product. It provides quality features that are worth your money.

The Planet Bike A.R.S is sold at an affordable price, and can easily be bought online.

  • Made with a very soft padding
  • Thanks to quality materials, the seat provides great comfort
  • Sold at a budget-friendly price
  • It has an attractive design
  • Isn’t very long-lasting

6. Selle Royal Men’s Respiro Bicycle Saddle

This seat is structured in a way that improves efficiency and boosts convenience. Its overall design is attractive and of great quality.

The saddle’s structure features an elevated backend that helps to maintain a balanced sitting, and it also has a slim front area that lowers friction. Thanks to a ventilated groove, you won’t suffer discomfort caused by heat.

One disadvantage of this saddle is that it’s quite heavy. Regardless of that, it’s able to provide much comfort with its gel-foam padding. Unlike other padding materials, gel-foam is more solid. The saddle’s gel-foam is securely covered by long-lasting vinyl fabric.

The bike seat won’t be damaged when riding in the rain as it’s 100% water-resistant. The saddle has a wide surface area that works well for different cyclists.

  • Padded with a gel-foam material
  • The saddle features a breathable wide-cutout
  • 100% water-resistant
  • The padding is covered with durable vinyl fabric
  • It’s sold at a pocket-friendly price
  • There’s a clip system on the saddle’s backend
  • Quite bulky

7. Serfas FS-243 Full Suspension Gel Saddle

The Serfas FS-243 is a wonderful product that delivers both quality and comfort.

The bike seat features a patented Infinite Comfort System (ICS) that ensures your rides are as pleasurable as possible. The product has also been designed in such a way that it matches several bicycle models.

In addition to all that, there’s a gel top implementation that provides a smooth interaction between your bum and the bike seat. The product is also designed to fit both genders – this makes it a more versatile unit. There’s a full suspension base that combines with rear spring suspension to enhance comfort.

Before purchasing the Serfas FS-243 Gel Saddle, take into consideration that it will increase your bike’s total weight. However, it combines many features to provide bikers with the greatest comfort. Anyone that’s particular about being comfortable can settle for this product.

  • 90-day comfort guarantee
  • Patented I.C.S. Infinite Comfort System
  • It comes with rear spring suspension
  • It isn’t soft enough

8. TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat

If you’re hoping to purchase the best bike seat, this TONBUX model shouldn’t be overlooked. Because of the seat’s design, it’s considered by some to be the best bike seat for men – the saddle’s nose has a length that’s favorable for men and motion won’t be hindered while pedaling on the seat.

The comfort is increased through the integration of an air vent at the center of the seat. The air vent is suitable for high-temperature weather where more precipitations occur.

Durability is one of this product’s good features; there’s artificial microfiber leather covering that makes the seat long-lasting scratch-proof. When it comes to handling vibrations from jagged trails, this seat is quite capable. It has rounded edges that help to reduce transmitted vibrations. There’s also a special ball for shock absorption places underneath the seat’s padding.

Installing the seat isn’t a problem since it comes with all the necessary tools. There’s also a wrench with the rest of the tools.

  • It has a favorable width
  • The seat features a reflective taping for better visibility
  • The package comes with a wrench for installing the seat
  • It’s built with shock-absorbing properties
  • The seat may not be soft enough for everyone

How to Get the Best Bicycle Seat

Picking the perfect bike seat could be a little tricky; considering how many options are available to choose from. Keep in mind that the best saddle should provide you with enough comfort while riding.

Other factors like the available budget will also affect your choice of bike saddle. If you want a versatile product, you may purchase one that can fit different bike posts and match both genders.

Here are some of the key features to consider before buying a bicycle seat:

Outer Material

A quality feature of the best bike seat is good cover material. Leather material is usually the best option to cover a saddle’s padding.

The durability of a saddle is greatly influenced by the quality of the cover material. Bikers that ride for long hours need a saddle with long-lasting cover material. If you can buy a good seat, you won’t have to keep wasting money on replacement products.

Another thing to look for in a bike saddle is whether or not it’s waterproof. There are days when you’d be caught in some rainfall. If the seat isn’t resistant to water, the lifespan can be drastically reduced. However, you can confidently ride in wet conditions if your bike’s saddle is water-resistant.

Material Inside

The material used inside the saddle will determine how comfortable it feels. The most comfortable seat for you should have a soft and durable internal padding.

Cyclists that spend long hours on the saddle cannot afford to use a poorly cushioned seat. It would only result in pain and sores.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are needed on rough terrains. If you frequently ride on jagged paths, you would need a seat that can handle the transferred vibrations.

People that are into mountain biking will constantly face bumpy trails – a saddle with shock-absorption would serve greatly for comfort and efficiency.

The vibrations from bumpy rides are notorious for the pains and sores they cause. To keep your back safe and in good health condition, get a seat that will eliminate transmitted shock. The shock-absorbing feature also makes your biking experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Tail Light

Visibility should never be underrated. What this means is that other commuters and motorists should be able to spot you easily in low-visibility conditions. Make sure you purchase a bike saddle that’s equipped with tail light or a reflector.

Terrible accidents can happen if other cyclists or motorists don’t see you in the dark. However, this can be prevented when your saddle has a tail light on the rear end or a bright reflector.

Always remember that you have a responsibility to keep yourself and others around you safe while riding your bike.  


A saddle’s rail can be found fixed to the seat clamp. The purpose of the saddle’s rail is to provide a significant amount of suspension. Steel is a common material used to implement the rail of bicycle seats.

However, other materials like die-cast aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber have been used. Carbon fiber is very light-weight, and you may purchase a saddle with such a rail.


Saddle shells are an important feature. The shell is positioned beneath the bike seat. It’s responsible for maintaining the saddle’s overall shape.

Different materials may be used to manufacture the shell part. These materials include carbon-reinforced nylon, plastic, and aluminum. Shells may not be found on leather saddles, but are common on other seats.


There are various bike seat brands to choose from. However, some brands have proven their reliability and trustworthiness to the cycling community.

Such brands have a history of manufacturing and distributing top-notch products.

You can go for such brands with the confidence of purchasing a seat that’s worth the cost. Great brands include both old and new ones – so there’s a good range to select from.


If a bike seat cannot last long, then it isn’t worth your money. Products that aren’t durable require frequent replacement and consequently cause extra money to be spent.

Leather is a very durable material that’s used on some bike seats. Make sure you purchase a bike seat with a durable covering that won’t keep spoiling every time.

Also, try as much as possible not to leave your bicycle seat out in the hot sun – this will damage the seat’s covering fast.


Price is a major factor that affects every purchase. You can only buy a product that falls within your available budget.

Regardless of what your budget is, you should ensure that the saddle you’re buying is worth it.

A good saddle would be comfortable, long-lasting, waterproof, and of quality make. You should have in mind that the best quality seats may be quite pricey.

How to Clean Your Bike Seat

Cleaning your bike seat is part of the maintenance processes that ensure longevity. Various approaches may be taken to clean your bicycle’s seat. The extent of cleaning depends on how dirty the saddle is.

When it’s really dirty, you may have to take it off its post. When the seat is only a bit dirty, you can easily wipe it down with a cleaning solution that won’t damage the seat’s cover material. Use an antibacterial wet wipe to achieve this and clean it well with a clean piece of cloth.

If the bike seat is really dirty, a simple antibacterial wipe won’t do. In such situations, you would need to detach the saddle from the post. When you’ve detached it, you’ll be able to easily access all the sides of the bike seat and clean effectively.

Mix some warm water with soap and use a sponge to apply the mixture. Don’t use excessive force while washing with the sponge. Rather, clean gently. Use a dry piece of cloth to wipe the seat after.


Your bike seat affects how comfortable you are when riding. It also affects your efficiency.

This means that you need to select a good saddle if you want the best cycling experience. Take note of the key features we discussed – they will help you make a worthy selection.

The Bikeroo Padded Bicycle Saddle is the best bicycle seat on our list. It provides bikers with a lot of comfort. It has good features like memory foam padding and a dual-action suspension system.

These features combine to give an enjoyable and efficient cycling session. The product is durable and easy to install. It’s also versatile and can serve both genders.

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  1. TONBUX seat came exactly great quality, was super easy to install, and it is SO comfortable. It’s like two inches of cushion! I included some pictures of squeezing down as much as I could with one hand (obviously I’m not very strong haha but I needed the other hand to take the picture). MUCH better than the seat that came with my bike. For someone that bikes about once a week it’s a verrrrry welcome upgrade!

  2. I bought Bikeroo seat for my Nordictrack S22i. This Bikeroo seat is cushier and wider than the saddle that came with the bike and It also is slim enough that it works for spinning. It is more narrow in the front and kept my legs from rubbing the front of the saddle. I love it!

  3. As a cyclist, I’ve experimented with a variety of bike saddles in an attempt to increase the comfort and convenience of my ride. It’s critical to be comfortable on the bike, especially when you’re sitting for more than four hours on the road, which can be exhausting. And this Giddy Up bike saddles achieved exactly that, as I experienced no soreness or any negative affects during all of my rides.

    • SGODDE is also a comfortable bike seat. The seat is comfortable and keeps your butt cool, but the seat feels a bit hard after about a two-hour bike ride. The material (plastic-type cover) keeps you firmly planted on the seat, with no sliding around. The spring cushions could be a little softer though.

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