8 Best Bike Baskets in 2021

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Bike baskets are great. Not only do they look cute and nostalgic, but they’re super functional. You can use them to bring your puppy, pack groceries, or haul some beer down to the late for a sundowner with friends. But, how do you find the top baskets for your needs?

You start by knowing what to look for, and that’s where to come in. But first we’re going to share with you the top bicycle baskets that we’ve found and utilized, followed by a helpful guide to help you pick your favorite and live your best life too.

Best Bicycle Baskets

Whether you’re looking for a rear bike basket or a front bike basket, we’ve got something for everybody.

Keep reading and you might find the most ideal bike handlebar basket for you.

1. Colorbasket Front Handle Bar Adult Bike Basket

First up we have the Colorbasket which is large enough to fit all of your picnic essentials.

It’s constructed from hardy synthetic cord but it looks like a genuine wicker. This makes it aesthetically pleasing, but without the splintering and cracks that come with using actual wicker. Your clothes also won’t snag on it but it’ll add style to your bike though.

Not only that, but this front bike basket is weatherproof and waterproof. Because it has anti-fade, it won’t change color due to exposure to UV rays.

You can take it with you everywhere and go as fast as you like without it flying off, thanks to hardy adjustable leather straps.

  • Made from weather and water-resistant material
  • Constructed from anti-fade material that’s resistant to UV rays
  • Features a splinter and crack-proof synthetic cord
  • Handwoven for strength and quality
  • It’s cute and stylish
  • There have been complaints about the item arriving defective

2. Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Apollo Bike Basket

This versatile bike basket from Retrospec is a budget-friendly option for the daily commuter and anyone who wants to use it for groceries.

It features waterproof steel sides and a mesh bottom for breathability and safety, while the removable handles mean that you can carry this when it’s not attached to your bicycle.

You can use this basket with almost any type of bike thanks to its versatile front attachment. It doesn’t require any special tools for installation. Plus, it comes in a variety of different colors.

  • It’s available in a variety of different colors
  • Suitable for use on different types of bikes
  • Ideal for grocery runs thanks to removable handles
  • Very easy to install
  • It can compromise brake handles and brakes on some bikes
  • It’s heavy

3. Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket

The Solvit Tagalong bike basket is a pet owner’s dream as it can fit pets that weigh up to 13 pounds. It has a Sherpa lining and a removal sunshade to keep your furry friend comfortable in there, and a safety leash.

This basket also features a durable mounting system with dedicated handlebar straps as well as a supportive headtube bar.

Although it’s constructed from synthetic rattan this large bike basket has an authentic wicker aesthetic. This makes it super stylish while ensuring that it’s able to handle the elements.

It’s one of the best bike baskets for people with small pets like tiny dogs and cats. This is because then you can take them for a bike ride with you when the weather is nice.

  • This basket is easy to take on and off your bicycle
  • It has an authentic rattan wicker look
  • Suitable for pets that weigh up to 13 pounds
  • It has dimensions of 15″ x 11″ x 9.5″
  • It doesn’t fit on handlebars

4. Ohuhu Bike Basket

The Ohuhu weather-resistant bike basket is great for daily commuting because it can handle all types of different elements, including downpour.

It’s made from rust-proof, plastic-coated steel that won’t fade over time and can handle different weather conditions.

All of its various components are coated and scratch-resistant. There’s a convenient quick-release mechanism that’s super useful for removing and installing the basket within seconds.

Thanks to its mesh bottom, this bike basket can be utilized as a shopping basket as well. Plus, it’s available in two color options, namely; white and black.

  • Suitable for grocery shopping
  • Easy to take on and off thanks to a convenient quick-release mechanism
  • Scratch-resistant thanks to hook coating
  • Great for small objects
  • The hooks aren’t suitable for all brake wires and brakes
  • It doesn’t have the most durable bottom

5. COFIT Collapsible Bike Basket

The COFIT collapsible bike basket is one of the best bicycle baskets for grocery runs because it has a large weight carrying capacity.

It’s constructed from rustproof aluminum with a durable oxford cloth interior which is waterproof. This way, you don’t have to worry about downpours and spills spoiling the items inside the basket.

The best part about this basket is the fact that its soft handles are padded with sponge pads for maximum comfort. It makes it that much easier to carry when it’s heavy with multiple items.

Like most other front baskets for bikes, it sits between the front tire and the handlebar and it’s suitable for handlebars that are between 22 and 32mm.

  • Easy to clean with a wet cloth
  • Great for grocery runs
  • Suitable for small dogs that weigh up to 11 pounds
  • Comes in two colors
  • Collapsible basket
  • It can be difficult to mount it on certain types of handlebars
  • Doesn’t come with a lid or cover

6. Bushwhacker Omaha Cycling Rack Basket

Next, we have this Bushwhacker Omaha basket which is perfect for getting groceries in.

This is actually a two-basket combo that fits into a traditional rear rack. You can fold the baskets when not in use and each one has the capacity to handle a full grocery bag. There’s actually a durable grocery bag in each one.

The great thing about the baskets is that they’re super easy to put on and take off the bicycle when you want to ride without them, and they are a great example of a bicycle rear basket.

  • You can fold it up when not in use for easy storage
  • Can fit a full grocery bag in each pannier
  • You can attach two grocery panniers at the top of the rack
  • Comes with metal hooks
  • It’s pricey

7. Nantucket Bike Basket

The Nantucket Bike Basket is the company’s best-seller and it’s not hard to see why.

This basket is constructed from a material called lacak rattan which is all-natural and thickly woven for durability. It also features high-quality adjustable leather straps to keep the basket in place.

The only downside with this basket is that it does fade over time. Due to sun exposure but this doesn’t compromise its quality and durability.

Otherwise, it sports a stylish and classy look that’s perfect for the beach or going to the park. The basket has the capacity to hold large items like a bath towel and cooler box.

  • It has a 13-pound carrying capacity
  • Comes with two adjustable metal hooks
  • Suitable for most adult bikes
  • Features adjustable leather straps
  • It’s not waterproof
  • Doesn’t have a lined interior

8. Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket

Wald is known for making some of the most durable bicycle baskets on the market and they don’t disappoint with this one.

This is a great rear bike basket for cruiser bikes because it’s absolutely humongous. You can use it for a number of applications, from doing groceries to food deliveries.

It’s 9 inches deep and perfect for when you want to keep your items safe and secure. It also features a nice design as its plated gloss black with a reinforced bottom to keep your items safe in there.

The basket comes with cargo bands to keep everything in place and the durable handlebar clamps are designed to keep the basket in place no matter how much the bike buckles. With that said, this basket isn’t for bicycles that have quick-release wheels or shock forks.

  • It comes in cool gloss black and plated design
  • The interior is 9 inches deep
  • It can handle large loads of items
  • Three colors to choose from
  • It’s not suitable for shock fork bikes

How to Get the Best Bike Baskets

Now that you know what the best bicycle baskets are, it’s time to show you how we went about narrowing down to this list.


Whether you’re looking for a rear basket for an e-bike or a front loading option, there’s no shortage of bike basket designs to choose from.

Pick your favorite style and make sure it matches the style of your bike as well.


It’s crucial to ensure that the bike basket you buy is able to accommodate the number of items that you want and need to carry.

This will eliminate a lot of rear mount bicycle baskets and bring you closer to your ideal option.


You want to make sure that your bike basket is easy to install or mount onto the bicycle.

This requires a fair amount of stability and it should have adjustable leather straps or handlebar hooks that are sturdy enough to handle the basket’s weight.

Top Bike Basket Materials

Bike basket construction plays a huge role in its aesthetic as well as its ability to handle different weather conditions.

At the end of the day, you should choose the material that fits your needs both aesthetically and in terms of functionality.


The most commonly used fabric to make this type of basket is canvas. They’re usually designed to handle smaller items as well as larger items without any issues.

A lot of these baskets also feature a zipper, a button, or a closing top for ease of use. They may also be lined with a metal frame for durability and solid shape, whereas some models that don’t have a frame can be easy to store when not in use.

The great thing about fabric bike baskets is that they’re usually either waterproof or water-resistant.


Metal baskets are obviously super durable and they’re made to last. They typically feature a crossing metal bar design or wire mesh. Although they do rust over time, they last really long.

They are perfect for carrying large items but smaller items might fall through. This is why it’s recommended to opt for plate-style metal baskets for versatility. Alternatively, purchase liner separately.


Wire baskets are probably the most popular and well-known type of bicycle basket. They’re designed to carry almost everything.

A lot of wicker baskets come with a clear lacquer finish and a wicker lid to protect your items from the elements.


Plastic baskets are arguably the cheapest option on the market that you can easily attach to your folding bicycle.

They’re also weather-resistant, easy to maintain and clean, and lightweight. However, they’re not the most durable bike basket in the world.


Baskets that are made from natural materials are usually super sturdy because they’re made from wood.

But they can be made from all types of different materials and come in all types of color schemes.

Benefits of Bicycle Baskets

The great thing about bike baskets is that you can use them to carry almost anything same as with your backpack for cycling. This includes your pet, your groceries, or even picnic supplies.

They’re also super cute and add an element of style to your bike. You can mount them on the back or the front of your bike without compromising performance or your comfort.

Rear Baskets

Rear baskets are designed to be attached to the back of your bicycle so that they don’t interfere with your vision when you’re going through traffic.

They typically require a rack or luggage carrier for mounting and they’re perfect for heavy loads because they can handle a lot of stuff.

Front Baskets

You typically install front baskets on the handlebar. Compared to other types of baskets, they’re super easy to install using hooks or straps.


And that’s how you find the best bike baskets.

As you can see, it’s a pretty straightforward process and the main thing you have to worry about is what style, color, material, and size it is. If we were to choose just one option, it would be the Colorbasket Front Handle Bar Adult Bike Basket.

This is our favorite bike basket because it has a traditional wicker look. It’s weather and water-resistant. It’s also fade-proof and doesn’t crack or splinter. In addition to its high-quality construction, it’s super stylish and chic.

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