3 Best Bike Grips in 2021: In-Depth Review Guide

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One of the gripes that bike owners often have is noticing that their bike doesn’t have the type of grip that they’re looking for (no pun intended). You know, handlebar bike grips that make you feel secure and comfortable?

If you’re reading this, then you probably find yourself in that dilemma and are looking for advice on how to find the best bicycle grips for your hands.

The problem with certain bicycle grips is that they’re not really designed for long-term use. They’re often uncomfortable for use by the elderly and have a tendency to get smoother and smoother after prolonged use. You can forget about using them when your hands get sweaty.

Bicycle Grips Reviews

Having trouble with your bicycle grips? Consider replacing them with one of the following options and see if your bike riding hobby won’t change for the better.

1. ESI Grips Extra Chunky MTB Grip

The ESI Extra Chunky MTB Grips have many positive reviews by customers.

It’s padded with copious amounts of silicone that makes it nice and comfortable. This way, it can absorb shocks made by going over obstacles with your bike.

In addition to its high shock absorption ability, this bike grip makes it much easier to traverse through rough terrain.

Basically, they’re the best dirt bike grips on the market and are suitable for a wide variety of off-road and outdoor applications.

  • It comes with end caps to prevent the material from cracking or splitting
  • The grips are well-padded to further increase the product’s lifespan and make it rugged enough for daily use without suffering extreme wear and tear
  • It costs less than similar products
  • Offers great value for money
  • It only comes in one size

2. ODI Rogue Bicycle Grip Bonus Pack

Next, we have the ODI Rouge bicycle grips which are arguably the best mountain bike handlebar grips on the market.

That’s because they sport heavy-duty design and construction that enables them to absorb shocks coming from going through different bumps that come with riding your bicycle through difficult trails.

You’ll definitely experience fewer cramps and aches on your hands when using these bicycle grips. The grips feature multiple deep grooves that are designed to keep your hands secured on the handlebars so that they don’t slip off.

They’re made to offer additional padding that protects your palms and fingers from the rigors of the road. This is what makes these the top grips and one of the most popular options on the market.

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Made with shock-absorbent padding
  • Offers excellent grip thanks to the grooves and padding included
  • Helps to prevent injury and aches on the hands
  • There have been reports of customers receiving the wrong order without screws or caps

3. FIFTY-FIFTY Dual Lock-on Mountain Bike Grips

Thanks to its versatile design, these grips from FIFTY-FIFTY can be utilized in pretty much any type of scenario.

They fit nice and snug into your bicycle’s handlebars and they’re flexible enough to be spun around to ensure maximum comfort for the user.

The padded areas of the grips are extremely shock absorbent and allow you to enjoy longer and more comfortable rides in rough terrain without getting finger cramps.

It’s quick and easy to install these grips, thanks to the detachable end caps. They also allow you to effortlessly change and clean the grips.

  • It comes with shock-absorbent padded areas
  • Dual lock construction allows you to get a snug and secure fit
  • It comes in different colors to go with your bike frame color
  • There have been complaints related to the screws popping off randomly
  • It’s a bit pricey to consider if you’re a casual rider

How to Find the Best Bike Grips

Now that you know what the best bicycle grips are, perhaps it’s time to look at the criteria that we used to determine which brands and grips made the cut.


Now when it comes to the types of materials that are utilized to make bike grips, each one comes with its own pros and cons.

The most popular types of materials that are used include Kevlar, foam butter, silicone, and rubber.

The most important thing to know is that rubber durable plastic is the best material to use when making bicycle grips. This is because it’s usually long-lasting.

However, they are harder on the hands, wrists, and hands since they’re not as shock-absorbent as you may like.

Silicone is another common material that’s commonly used. It’s much softer and has a much more comfortable feel. It also promotes better control of your bike and can absorb shocks and vibrations better. But they’re also susceptible to wear and tear.

Soft rubber grips are also known for feeling sticky because they tend to stick to your hands, while hardy materials have a tendency to become slippery.


In keeping with the theme of making products with the end-user in mind, a growing number of manufacturers are focusing on making grips that come in different sizes and shapes. This is to suit different needs and preferences.

It includes ones with a thick midsection and others with a bulging mushroom shape that corresponds to the shape of the palm, as well as straight barreled grips.

Some grips are unique in that they are wide in certain parts and have an almost winged shape that’s designed to reduce strain and stress. The most important thing is to go with whatever feels good and comfortable to you.

There are also short and thin grips that are perfect for anyone with small hands, and if you have larger, broader hands then you’ll do well with the chunkier grips.

Whatever you do, don’t settle for a grip that’s the wrong size or anything that feels uncomfortable because it will affect your ability to shift and brake properly and your performance overall.

Mold grip is also important. There’s a variety of patterns to choose from, including grooves, ridges, and diamonds.

Slide-On Grips vs. Lock-On Grips

As the name implies, the way you install slide-on grips is by sliding them over the handlebar either using an air compressor to blow them on or use rubbing alcohol and glue.

You can even use other types of solvents or hairspray to get the same effect. Just make sure that you don’t do anything that will potentially damage the paint job on your bicycle.

It’s also possible to keep slide-on grips attached to your bike’s handlebars by placing a wire on either end.

Then you have lock-on grips which are pretty new on the scene. They are made with a hard-plastic shell with an internal metal liner that helps to keep it on the handlebars. Manufacturers typically use steel or aluminum to keep them in place using a screwdriver or an Allen key.

Lock-on grips are quite popular due to their ability to help the user maintain a firm grip on the handlebars. This is to improve bike control and handle the vibrations that come with riding a bicycle in rough terrain.

As such, they’re considered the best bike grips for mountain bikes by experts.


Lastly, one has to consider color because bike grips come in a wide variety of color options.

Choose a color that expresses your personality. This is a great way to customize your overall look when riding your bicycle.

Not all manufacturers offer grips in different colors, but you have brands whose grips come in different eye-catching and vibrant colors, sizes, and styles.

But, color should be the last thing that you think about when choosing your bicycle grips. Quality of construction is the foremost important aspect of the grip’s design and after that, you can consider the color and other superficial customization features.

For instance, if you can’t find a bike grip that comes in the specific color that you want with the features you want, then it’s best to go for the next best thing for the best results.


Well, there you have it! That’s how you pick the best bike grips out there. 

In our opinion, the ESI Grips Extra Chunky MTB Grip ticks all the boxes of what you should look for.

That’s because it comes with extra padding to absorb shocks, end caps to prevent cracking and splitting, and the best part is that it’s comfortable and durable.

That’s all you can ask for really. It’s a product that offers great value for money overall.

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