8 Best Bike Pedals in 2022

Bicycle pedals are one of those components that you absolutely need if you want to get from point A to point B on your bicycle. For best results, it’s always recommended to make sure that your bicycle is fitted with the best bike pedals that allow you to enjoy a safe and smooth ride.

That’s why we’re dedicating this entire guide on how to find the best bicycle pedals on the market.

Bike Pedal Reviews

There’s no overestimating the benefit and requirement for bike pedals, so we’re just going to go straight into our selection of the best ones available out there.

1. CrankBrothers Eggbeater Pedals

Thanks to their simple and lightweight design, these clip-in mountain bicycle pedals offer incredible value for money. However, their thoughtful design is complemented by construction from the most advanced and durable materials.

Basically, these pedals are constructed from titanium with one steel spring and smooth cartridge and needle bearings. This is part of what makes them the best mountain bike pedals. You clip them on using four-sided wings which are easy to use and feature cleats made from premium brass for you to easily step onto.

Despite their high-quality construction, these pedals are pretty lightweight since they only weigh about 180 grams and they can be released at two angles, mainly 15 or 20 degrees, which gives you some leeway.

  • Features premium bearings
  • They come with hex alloy endcaps
  • Personalized float and release angle
  • 4-sided entry/ superior mud shedding
  • Made from lightweight titanium components
  • Although advertised as such, these bike pedals aren’t suitable for mountain biking

2. SHIMANO PD-R550 SPD-SL Road Pedals

The SHIMANO PD-5550 are the best bicycle pedals for beginners because they have the perfect width to enable ease of use.

You don’t need much to figure out how these work, and you’ll be able to position your foot effortlessly as if you’ve been cycling all your life. These pedals also offer a variety of tension options to choose from. Not only that but these pedals are made from a combination of durable materials like aluminum and Chromoly spindle so you know they’re going to last for a really long time.

It’s also worth noting that these pedals have a wide bearing which enables even load distribution for your feet and comfortable pedaling.

  • Constructed from durable stainless steel
  • The spring tension offers a wide adjustment range
  • Makes for an easy cleat engagement
  • Lightweight, smooth, and comfortable to use
  • It’s not as long-lasting as expected

3. Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Pedals

​Imrider offers a pair of lightweight and affordable bicycle pedals that are simple to use and perfect for beginners.

But, what surprised us about these pedals is that they’re pretty sturdy and long-lasting. In fact, it’s safe to say that you’ll probably use them for more than one bike and this makes them both an economically and environmentally sound option. Getting into the specifics, they’re made from polyamide which is sturdier than magnesium and aluminum combined and is resistant to scratches and corrosion.

They’re made to withstand extreme outdoor conditions to enable a comfortable ride, and the bearing is sealed to protect from potential weather damage. Most importantly, these are the best cycling pedals for mountain biking and off-road applications.

  • They feature narrow studs that help to keep your feet firmly planted on the pedals
  • Constructed from durable polyamide which is resistant to scratching and corrosion
  • Available in many colors
  • They don’t enable you to add reflector lights or toe clips

4. Look Cycle Keo 2 Max Road Pedals

These bike pedals from French cycling manufacturer LOOK are nothing short of fantastic. And this is no surprise considering that this company is the inventor of the clipless pedal and has been in business since 1986.

These are the best flat pedals for road bikes on the market because it offers great value for money, with a great variety of useful features.

Despite their wide base, these pedals feature a tapered bottom that allows them easy to spin around and they have a cutting-edge spindle that comes with minimal bearings. This makes room for a 12mm axle that increases the level of stiffness that you experience underfoot.

  • Lightweight
  • Well-made to last
  • Easy to clip in and out
  • Ideal for use by beginners
  • Bad bearings

5. SHIMANO SPD Pedal Clipless Pedals

Shimano’s SPD pedals are designed to be budget-friendly, easy to use, and an ideal transition to clipless commuter pedals for those who’re unfamiliar. They’re made with an open binding mechanism that’s designed to make it easy for you to step on and off your bike.

You can adjust the tension release mechanism with a simple bike tool or screwdriver so that it’s adjusted to your needs and preferences. And the clips on both sides of the pedal make it easy to figure out which side of the pedal is up and down.

These pedals are constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy while maintaining a simple and straightforward design. It’s worth noting that these pedals have a really wide surface that enables you to enjoy long rides comfortably.

  • These pedals are compatible with commuter-specific cycling shoes
  • The tension release mechanism enables you to quickly adjust it using a simple bike tool or screwdriver
  • Inexpensive SPD pedal comes with clips on both sides
  • Unfortunately, they don’t come with an especially large surface

6. NEWSTY Bicycle Pedals

In case you were disappointed by the lack of toe clips in the previous bicycle pedals, you’ll be glad to know that these NEWSTY ones come with toe clips that enable you to pedal efficiently and comfortably.

These pedals feature a lightweight aluminum alloy base while the toeclips are constructed from plastic resin. This makes them highly durable but lightweight at the same time.

We’re glad to say that these are some easy-to-adjust toe clips and can be kept down thanks to the nylon webbing that’s included. This is in addition to a one-way clip that’s designed to enable you to pull the webbing down so as to tighten the toe clips against your shoes.

  • Made from a durable combination of plastic and aluminum alloy
  • Comes with a built-in reflector on the back of the pedal
  • Built-in toe clip for increased pedaling efficiency
  • Available in two colors
  • Narrow platform that doesn’t go well with winter boots
  • One-sided pedal surface

7. SpeedPlay Cr-Mo Pedalset

Next on our list of the best bicycle pedals are the SpeedPlay’s Zeros. You might be familiar with their other name – lollipops!

That’s because they have a relatively tiny circular pedal body. However, their dual side entry construction is perfectly complemented by a unique spring mechanism that’s directly at the cleat.

The cleats themselves are fully adjustable and can go from 0 to 15 degrees of float by simply turning two tiny limiting screws. But, it’s important to note that you have to adjust the different sides independently, and SpeedPlay allows you to adjust it further by choosing any one of their provided base plates and spindle lengths.

  • These are made under the manufacturer number 61200
  • Manufactured by Speedplay
  • Extremely durable and safe
  • They’re not very well made

8. Shimano SPD-SL Pedal 

Shimano is known as one of the foremost manufacturers of bike accessories and components. Their products are well-known amongst bikers for being well-made and easy to use. The bearings are smooth and long-lasting, while the back of the pedals features an impressive retention mechanism that prevents them from spinning around without your volition.

Shimano road cleats are made from plastic and offer 0.5 to 9-degree float. Not only are these cleats affordable but they’re incredibly easy to walk in. What makes them unique is the fact that despite their relatively low cost, they offer the same quality and performance as top-of-the-range models like Dura-Ace.

Although it’s worth noting that you should expect a lower stack height from the higher-end models as well as extra bearing and better ground clearance.

  • Quite lightweight and weigh only 265 grams
  • They have a wide cleat that’s complemented by a binding mechanism that enables better pedal contact
  • Made from lightweight carbon that makes an allowance for different shoe sizes and types
  • This doesn’t appear to be an original design

How to Pick the Best Bike Pedals

Now that you know what the best bicycle pedals are, it’s time to look at the criteria we used to come up with this list:

Cleat Adjust

One of the most important considerations that you need to make when looking for new pedals is the cleat system that the brand or manufacturer has utilized. Needless to say, some companies do this better.

For instance, Look and Shimano cleats allow you to adjust them from all angles at the same time, while SpeedPlay only allows you to adjust individual axis.


Float basically refers to the amount of side-to-side movement that your heels can experience while clipped into the pedal. There are fixed cleats that can go from 0 to 15 degrees and SpeedPlay is an example of a brand that offers an adjustment of this level.

Most people prefer zero float cleats because this gives them a secure feeling, but others require a bit more movement due to the joint support that this provides.


When making bicycle pedals, most manufacturers try to cut corners by minimizing their weight as much as possible, mostly around the bearings and bushings.

This makes them low maintenance, easy to disassemble and take care of. You only need a smidge of grease to clean them and they don’t need to be replaced as often. This is what you want your pedals to be like.


Every brand that you come across will tell you that theirs are the best bicycle pedals in the game. But, this largely depends on how wide the surface area or pedaling platform is.

For the most part, a larger pedaling surface translates to an ability to distribute your pedaling force from a wider base so that the soles of your feet don’t feel pinched when you’re going through those grueling five-hour long trails.

Release Tension

Most bike pedal manufacturers include a spring that enables effortless tension release so that you can make adjustments effortlessly. Other models utilize a carbon leaf spring which is just as flexible but require a little more effort to use.

Types of Bike Pedals

The great thing about bicycle pedals is that even though they come in different types, there are many more similarities than differences between them.

That means that you can use the average bike pedals for a road bike as well as for a mountain bike.

Platform Pedals

These are the most common types of bicycle pedals there are. They have a mostly flat design and offer a reliable surface for your foot to go on as you pedal through different types of terrain.

Pedal Toe Straps

Toe clips or toe cages as they’re commonly called, come with an adjustable strap that’s attached to the front of the pedal so that you can pull them up on the stroke. They’re basically very energy efficient and easy to use.

Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals are designed in a way that enables you to place your foot directly atop the pedal. All you have to do is place a small cleat on your show in order to enjoy more control over the pedaling motion.

Dual System

As the name implies, these clips have a hybrid design that enables you to ride without or without cleats depending on your preferences, and without sacrificing comfort.


The CrankBrothers Eggbeater Mountain Bike Pedals might not be the most well-known pair of bicycle pedals, but they definitely deserve kudos. Although lightweight, these are the best bicycle pedals out of all the options that we reviewed.

They’re made to last and feature four-sided wings with which to clip them on, as well as brass cleats that are equally durable and easy to use.

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