Best Bike Saddle Bag in 2022

As with most products, the sheer variety of bike saddle bags is so vast that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to shop for one nowadays. But, thankfully, your quest for the best bike saddle bag brought you here, where we’re about to share our bicycle seat bag reviews of some of the most outstanding models on the market.

Bike Saddle Bag Reviews

Now, the thing about bike saddlebags is that you want one that ticks certain boxes and serves certain needs.

That’s why we utilized very specific criteria when compiling the following list!

Here are the best bicycle saddlebags available for you to buy today.

1. Cool Change Saddle Bag

The Cool Change Saddle is arguably the best bike saddle bag for mountain biking. It’s made from Hard EVA which is coated to protect from water and other elements.

It can certainly handle some light rain and spills effortlessly. It gives it a smooth surface that makes clean-up and maintenance even easier.

Other features include quick-release clips that are useful for attaching the saddlebag onto your bicycle and a Velcro strap that’s dedicated to making sure that the bag remains stable on your bicycle as you’re moving around different areas.

Not only is it durable, but this saddle bag is super stylish and goes through a 3D die-casting process. It’s closed with two easy-to-use zippers that are durable and have smooth gliding. This bag is also ideal for storing small items safely, like keys, snacks, wallets, and phones.

  • Features quick-release clips
  • Coated surface
  • It’s made from a hard EVA 3D shell
  • Comes with a seam-sealed zipper
  • Water-resistant
  • The screws might fall off if you install it inappropriately

2. MM Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bag

The MM Waterproof saddle bag is made for convenience and ease of use.

The best part is that it’s compatible with most bike models and comes with a reflector lamp. It’s designed to enhance safety and visibility in low-light conditions.

It’s constructed from Anti-Tear Dacron material and comes with a tight and durable zipper.

Also included are mesh pockets, delicate details, and a structured internal design which makes it easy to organize different items like small repair tools, snack bars, keys, and cash.

  • Comes with a reflector lamp to keep you safe at night
  • It’s a solidly made bag
  • Made with durable anti-tear material
  • It has YANHO written on the back
  • There have been some complaints about the construction of this bag

3. ROCKBROS Bike Saddle Bags

ROCKBROS brings us one of the best road bike saddle bags that we’ve seen in a while. It comes with two taillight loops which you can use to attach tail lights for your bike. This is just one of the ways in which you can improve road safety when riding your bicycle.

Because of its Velcro straps located at the back, this saddle bag can be attached to the bicycle effortlessly and securely. Not only that but this saddle bag is constructed from high-quality carbon microfiber fabric. This fabric is known for its water-proof and weather-proof qualities.

There’s more than enough space in this saddle bag to keep all of your essentials secured. This includes your protein and snack bars, chain lube, repair tube, and your phone and wallet. Basically everything! Inside, this bag has two mesh pouches and a single cloth pouch that allows you to store your objects safely.

Other features included in this best mountain bike saddle bag reviews are double zippers that are designed to keep your items safe and secure so that they don’t fall out accidentally. This is complemented by the waterproof hemming featured on the zippers which are designed to keep everything inside the saddlebag dry. This is in case you go through a spot of rain or experience a spillage.

  • It comes with two taillight loops
  • It has a large carrying capacity
  • It’s made from waterproof fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • 1.6L capacity
  • It’s only compatible with bikes that have a seat-post higher than 25cm

4. Ibera Bicycle Water Resistant Saddle Bag

One of the most stylish options available out there, this bike saddle bag from Ibera comes with a lot of great features. For starters, it’s incredibly spacious to the point where you can put multiple items in it. This could include your phone, CO2 pumps, flashlight, and taillight.

You can rest assured that your items won’t get wet or sullied by any external elements because it’s made from water-resistant materials. On the front of this bag is another strap that’s designed to make it possible for you to easily attach a taillight that’ll keep you bright and visible in low-light conditions.

In addition to this great safety feature, this saddle bag has a Velcro strap which allows you to mount it onto the post and seat of your bicycle. This makes it possible for the bag to remain stable so that it doesn’t swing from side to side as you’re driving your bicycle.

Plus, this saddle bag is available in a wide variety of different colors, including pink and blue, green, red, grey, and orange.

  • Made from water-resistant materials
  • Offers optimal storage options
  • Comes in several different colors
  • Easy to secure in place
  • Its size means that you won’t be able to store a lot of accessories

5. Lumintrail Strap-on Saddle Bag

Next on our list of the best bike saddlebags on the market is the Lumintrail model. It’s equally as compact as the one featured above and is small enough to not take up too much space on your bicycle.

In terms of storage, you have one large component which comes with key clips, as well as a mesh pocket and two smaller components on the sides.

This is more than enough space to store your valuables while riding your bike. You’ll be glad to know that it’s constructed from 100% polyester material. It’s weather-resistant and highly durable.

Its tool-free snap-on design makes for effortless installation and it comes with adjustable Velcro straps that you can use to attach it to your bike seat and saddle.

  • Made from durable and long-lasting materials
  • Makes it easy to safely carry all of your valuables
  • Looks stylish
  • Practical and high quality
  • It features cheaply made straps

6. Diamondback Dbs Bike Seat Bag

A bike saddle bag review wouldn’t be complete without this compact and lightweight Diamondback Dbs 50Ci. Although small, it’s proof that dynamite comes in small packages. It’s the best bicycle saddle bag for mountain biking as well as speed racing.

That’s because its compact size means you can only take on a few items at a time. So, you can keep your bike light for those rough trails or marathons. There’s only enough space to hold a water bottle, phone/camera, and some snacks.

  • It’s perfect for the minimalist thanks to its streamlined design
  • It’s compact and lightweight
  • It still has enough space to carry multiple items
  • Available in three sizes
  • It’s only available in the color black
  • It might be too small for some people

7. BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag

If you’re looking for the best bicycle saddlebag, you’re bound to come across the BV Bicycle Saddle Bag. It comes with a stylish and highly visible 3M Scotchlite reflective trim which is designed to increase visibility and safety on the road.

On the front of this bicycle saddle, you have a tail light strap designed to attach a tail light to the bag for even more safety. Thanks to its unique design, the best bike seat bag has more than enough space to keep important items with you. The zippers are really sturdy and easy to use.

Also included in this bike saddlebag is a design that’s designed to ensure proper mounting, with a strap and buckle combo that’s compatible with most bicycle models.

As mentioned, there are two zippers included with this saddle bag that makes for easy access to your items inside via the main pocket and side mesh pocket. There you can use it to keep all of your stuff safe and organized, including your bike lock, phones, and wallet.

  • It’s extremely durable
  • Comes with a 3M reflective trim
  • Strap-on mounting design
  • Comes in three sizes
  • There aren’t a lot of colors to choose from

8. Roswheel 13656 Saddle Bag

Next, we have the Roswheel 13656, which is made from solid and durable 600D polyester. This means it’s both well-made and long-lasting.

The skeleton itself is constructed from plastic bone which is just as hardy. This is the reason for its ability to hold shape at all times. Continuing with the theme of high-quality materials, this saddle bag features durable zippers. These are resistant to the elements and yet they glide easily into place, giving you convenient access to the contents inside.

Another feature worth noting in this saddle bag is the pair of adjustable buckles that it comes with. These enable it to fit nicely and securely. At the bottom of the bag is a Velcro strap which helps to keep the bag nice and stable. The strap and the buckles work together to maintain balance and stability so that the bag doesn’t teeter from side to side.

Despite how durable and well-made it is, this saddle bag is incredibly compact and lightweight. In fact, it won’t take up much space on your bicycle. The best part is that it’s adjustable as well. But, don’t let its small size fool you.

This is a deep, carry-all with a 1-liter capacity. This means that it has enough space to carry your phone, keys, and a couple of other knick-knacks that you want to travel with.

  • It features a Velcro strap
  • Made from durable polyester and hardy plastic
  • Comes with two adjustable buckles
  • Available in two colors
  • 1L capacity
  • We wish it was a bit bigger

How to Choose the Best Bike Saddle Bag

On your journey to looking for and finding the best bicycle saddle bag if you don’t have a bike basket, be sure to keep the following in mind:


The great thing about modern bike saddlebags is that they come in all kinds of different designs and colors.

This is important to consider because some designs such as trunk bags are easier to install and use than others. And obviously, you want one that’ll make your life easy.

You should also ensure that your saddlebag is designed to have safety features such as reflective straps and components.


You should keep in mind the types of materials that your saddlebag is made from.

As with anything you want a bag that’s made from durable and top-quality materials. That means it should be able to handle adverse weather conditions.


Next, determine if the bag has the capacity to fit all of the items that you need and want to bring with you when riding your bicycle.

You want a saddle bag that’s large enough to fit all of your important items, especially if you plan on using it for outdoor applications.

Tire Levers

Tire levers can really come in handy should your bike experience a tire puncture.

Plastic tire levers are by far the best variety out of all these options because they work flawlessly without the risk of damaging your tire rims.

Water Resistance

Remember that it won’t always be sunshine and roses when you’re cycling. You should make sure that the bag is made from tear-proof and waterproof materials that can withstand the elements.


Of course, you’re probably working within a budget, so you want a saddle bag that ticks all the boxes of what you’re looking for. This is without costing you an arm and a leg.

Be sure to check online road bike saddle bag reviews before you purchase your bag to make sure that it offers value for money as expected.

What is a Saddle Bag?

There’s a possibility if you’re reading this that you’re not completely clear on what a saddlebag is. Or you don’t have any experience with it.

Saddlebags should have certain characteristics, such as being compact, lightweight, small, and balanced. It should also have enough space and storage options for you to carry your items with.

Your saddle bag should be designed to remain discreet and low-profile as much as possible. But, larger models also come with certain allures which may cause you to want to consider them.

For the most part, you’re really spoilt for choice with all types of different types of saddlebags.

Benefits of Waterproof Bicycle Saddlebags

Riding your bicycle is probably one of the most fun activities that you can ever enjoy. In addition to being fun, it offers an opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise on your terms.

But, you can’t just go out riding a bike without taking a few things with you. This is where the bike saddlebag comes in.

It enables you to bring essential tools and items with you that you can use to repair your bike if it happens to break down or to carry a water bottle when necessary.

That’s why you’ll notice that a lot of the benefits that saddlebags offer are related to their functionality and practicality.

Come in a Small Size

Most bike saddlebags are very compact and you can install them on Brooks saddles as well. They don’t take up a lot of space because they have a low-profile design.

This means they’re easy to carry since they’re lightweight. You’ll find that portability isn’t an issue with them.

Easy to Fix

The last thing you need is to fiddle with multiple clips and straps trying to attach your saddlebag onto the bicycle. The good news is that these bags come with easy-to-use Velcro straps or dedicated clips.

Are Expandable

A lot of bike saddlebags and bike commuter backpacks come with extenders that are designed to enable it to handle larger items. The best part is you can always fold these extenders back into place when you’re done using this feature.

They Are Attachable

Rucksacks and messenger bags can really affect your ability to move because you have to wear them, whereas you can just attach your saddlebag directly onto your bicycle so that it doesn’t hinder you in any way.

Don’t Affect Aerodynamics

When driving your bike, you need a certain level of airflow in order to enable efficient and effortless volition. This is what makes riding your bike fun. Well-made saddlebags have an aerodynamic design that allows them to fit effortlessly onto your bike.

Larger models typically feature a narrow shape that is elongated to offset the large size so that they don’t get in your way.

How to Maintain Your Bicycle Saddle Bag?

Another benefit of using saddlebags and cycling backpacks is that they’re very low maintenance yet durable. But, you should still check them for wear and tear and keep them clean.

This is to keep the reflective straps visible. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain your saddlebag appropriately. Most bags can be wiped down with a simple damp cloth.


Well, what’s the best saddle bag? In our opinion, the Cool Change Bike Saddle Bag is an incredible option because it’s durable, weatherproof, and easy to maintain. You can attach it to your bike using quick-release clips.

Thanks to its Velcro strap, it’s able to maintain optimal stability on your bike effortlessly. It definitely ticks all the boxes of what one should look for in this type of bag.

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