8 Best Bikes Under 200 Dollars in 2022

Looking for the best bikes under 200 bucks? You’re in luck! We just so happen to be experts when it comes to affordable bikes. We love cycling because it’s a great way to exercise and keep fit while having fun in the outdoors.

And we feel that the sensation you get when riding your bicycle should be accessible to everyone, so it’s well worth it to do the legwork required to help you find the best bike for under 200.

If you keep reading, you’ll see that buying a bike is within reach of even your budget and that it’s possible to get a high-quality and functional bike for under 200 dollars.

Best Bicycles Under $200

As mentioned, it’s possible to find a decent women’s bike under 200 at this price range. Just don’t expect it to come with crazy advanced features but it will be perfect for daily commuting or recreational biking.

Without further ado, after much research and testing, we’ve determined that these are the best bikes under 200.

1. Stone Mountain Women’s Mountain Bike

This is the best bicycle under 200 for women who enjoy being outdoors, as it’s designed for mountain biking and cycling through rough trails. For starters, it’s made from durable aluminum which can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions while remaining nice and lightweight.

Not only is this bike easy to ride, but it’s available in a variety of different speeds and sizes. This means that it should be easy to find a version of this model that suits your needs.

You can bring this bike to a stop at a moment’s notice thanks to its powerful dual disc brakes. Although there have been some complaints about the brakes causing some difficulty, this is not something that can’t be fixed with ease.

It’s easy to maintain perfect posture on this bicycle thanks to its slight-raise handlebar while the suspension on the front is very effective at absorbing shocks so that you don’t have to take all of the strain that comes with biking through difficult terrain or bumpy roads. If you’re looking for a reliable, durable, and affordable mountain bike, then this is a great option.

  • It comes in a variety of different colors, speeds, and sizes
  • The well-stitched seat is easy to adjust
  • Comes with aerodynamically designed and strong rims
  • Super easy to handle thanks to ergonomic krypton grips
  • The tires offer optimal traction
  • You might have to adjust the brakes

2. Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike

One of the best women’s bike under $200, this Schwinn Cruiser is also referred to as the Wayfarer and it’s designed to perfectly accommodate the needs of the female physique. It’s made with a durable steel frame with a retro design on the fork.

The frame is sturdy enough to handle more heavy-set cyclists, and it also comes with fenders that are attached to the frame to help keep you clean when riding through rain and muddy conditions.

The Schwinn 700c is also really easy and safe to ride, thanks to its front and rear brakes. This is what gives this bicycle its incredible stopping power while providing you with maximum control in even the most pressing situations.

Another feature that makes this bike so attractive is the fact that it’s designed to make it easier for you to bike on hilly terrain thanks to the 7 customized Schwinn shifters that it comes with. Most important, this is the perfect affordable bike for anyone that enjoys cruising around the neighborhood or for daily commuting.

  • It comes with a comfy spring set
  • Constructed from a durable steel urban frame
  • Comes with fenders and rack
  • Features 7-speed Schwinn shifters
  • Safety is guaranteed with the alloy front and rear brakes
  • It’s a little heavier than expected due to the built-in rear carriers

3. Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

The Roadmaster Granite is the best men’s bikes under 200 for avid MTB bikers. We were pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is considering just how many cutting-edge features it comes with.

It certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its performance and this is largely due to its 18-speed Shimano twist shifters and rear derailleur. It’s super easy to shift gears and speeds with this bike’s features and it comes in a stylish glossy black and blue frame that’s easy to assemble.

The adjustable saddle makes for comfortable riding while the sturdy tires provide optimal grip on the road. It’s worth noting that this bike also comes with a heavy steel frame which gives you more control over the situation when riding your bike in inclement conditions.

Although it weighs 37 pounds, this bike has the ability to support people of different weight levels, with a height capacity that goes from 5’4” to 6’2”. For added safety, this bike comes with front and rear linear-pull brakes that’ll bring it to a stop immediately.

  • It’s available to purchase from different vendors
  • Comes with a smooth suspension fork
  • It comes mostly preassembled
  • Made from a durable and reliable steel frame
  • Offers great value for money
  • Comes with clunky gears
  • Incomplete installation instructions

4. Kent International Hybrid Bicycle

This is a great women’s hybrid bike under 200 for ladies who like to stay active and it offers a fun way to stay in shape. This high-performance bike is fast as they come and it’s lightweight and easy to operate.

The Kent Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle also comes with many incredible features, such as its advanced brake system which helps to guarantee safety. They’re known as linear-pull brakes and they’re famous for providing effective stopping power with a super accessible brake lever.

This is in addition to the bike’s 21-gear speeds which allow you to switch between different speeds with ease. So, whether you want to cruise through the neighborhood or challenge yourself on tough trails, this bike has got your back. This feature is also what makes this bike suitable to ride on hilly terrain.

Not to mention its 700c wheels which are designed to help you handle rougher terrain with ease. It’s really great.

  • Comes with a rear rack and fenders
  • Linear-pull brakes for safety
  • 700c wheels will bulldoze over rough surfaces
  • Shimano Tourney rear derailleur
  • 21-gear speeds
  • Constructed from tough aluminum
  • Made with fenders
  • There have been some complaints about the bike’s squeaky wheels

5. Generic 26″ Full Suspension Men’s Mountain Bike

One of the best bikes under 200, the Generic 26″ men’s mountain bike is built for speed and hard trails.

It’s constructed from aluminum, a material that’s lightweight yet durable, and it comes with a lot of great features that’ll make for a comfortable ride on the road.

This includes Shimano twist shifters and rear derailleur set which are part of the bike’s drivetrain as well as a well-made dual suspension fork. When taken together, these features make it easy to shift between gears and speeds, while keeping you comfortable when going through difficult trails.

Supporting the bike’s 21-speed drivetrain is a 3-piece crank.

  • It comes with durable Shimano brakes on the front and back
  • Features a padded mountain bike gel seat
  • 21-speed twist grip gears
  • The installation manual is easy to follow
  • Its dimensions are 52.4 x 7.5 x 27.2 inches
  • The seat isn’t very comfy
  • It requires some adjustment

6. Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Next in our list of the best bikes under 200, we have the Kent Thruster KZ2600.

As the name implies, this 200 dollar bike is designed for mountain trail riding and yet it’s available at a fraction of the price of a regular mountain bike.

It comes with a lot of the features you’d expect from any solid mountain bike, including bouncy and comfortable wheels, a strong body, and reliable brakes and paddles.

In case you were wondering, it’s made with high-quality brakes for your safety and this adds to the bike’s overall value and functionality.

  • It’s made with a strong metal frame
  • Comes with a rear tourney derailleur and Shimano 21-speed shifters
  • Features a 65mm travel suspension fork
  • The frame is constructed from lightweight and portable aluminum
  • 26-inch full suspension frame
  • It’s only made for male cyclists
  • It doesn’t have space for a water bottle or other storage

7. Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Bike

The Critical Cycles fixie style single-speed bike is the best commuter bike under 200, with its sleek looks and reliable features.

It comes with pedals that have a built-in coaster brake making it easy for you to control the speed of the bike quickly and effectively using the pedals. It’s handcrafted with steel and features double-walled rims for added durability.

Suffice to say, this is the men’s bike under 200 you want if you plan on cycling to work or school or just run errands on your bike in order to save money on fuel while reducing your carbon emissions.

It’s incredibly sturdy and reliable and it comes with all the tools you’ll need to assemble it with ease.

  • It comes with all the features you need to enjoy a smooth ride
  • Features a KMC chain, Kendal commuter tires, and 30mm deep v rims
  • Comes with all the tools required to install and maintain the bike
  • Made with high tensile strength steel which is handcrafted
  • It’s flexible, sturdy, well made and attractive
  • It’s not as durable as one would expect

8. Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Mountain Bike

Here we have the best bike for 200 dollars for girls who enjoy camping and climbing more than they do shopping and partying. It’s specifically designed for the female physique as evidenced by its unique mountain style frame which is constructed from durable steel.

On the front is the suspension that absorbs all the shocks for you when going through bumpy terrain, while you also have an easy-to-use 18-speed twist-style shifter.

This bike also comes with front and rear brakes that are very effective and safe, as well as aluminum wheels and knobby tires that are built for the rigors of the open road.

The best part is that this bicycle is designed to handle female cyclists of all different sizes and preferences.

  • The quick-release seat is height adjustable
  • Comes with a well-equipped front fork suspension system
  • Features linear-pull brakes on the front and back
  • Comes with a Shimano rear derailleur and 18-speed twist-style shifters
  • It has favorable dimensions of 157.5 x 58.4 x 94 cm
  • It doesn’t come with a padded seat

How to Get the Best Bikes Under 200

There’s no denying that there’s often a discrepancy between affordable and pricey bikes when it comes to the features that they come with.

We soon realized that the key to finding the best cheap bikes for adults under $200 is to create criteria that prioritized high-quality features and optimal performance.

To that end, we identified the following features to be most critical to consider when looking for an inexpensive bike.


It’s important to understand whether you’re looking for the best road bike under 200 or a mountain bike in this price range because these types of bicycles aren’t built the same.

A mountain bike is designed to handle difficult outdoor terrain that’s often uneven and bumpy, sometimes even featuring rocks and stones as obstacles.

But, if you’re looking for a fast and reliable women’s bike under 200 then you should certainly opt for a quality road bike.


Another important feature to look out for is the bike’s size as it will affect its performance and how comfortable you are on it.

When talking about bike size, we’re referring to the size of its wheels just as its overall frame.

Generally, large-sized wheels can handle much bigger obstacles and if you weigh anything over 250 pounds then you’ll fare much better with 26-inch wheels.


Most bikes for $200 are made from durable steel, especially the frame.

As such, they’re often really heavy and difficult to handle for more petite users. Aluminum is a great alternative material because it’s affordable, lightweight, and also durable.

But, this isn’t to say that you can’t find an affordable steel bike because you can but aluminum is often preferred by most people because of how lightweight it is.


Most hybrid brakes come with rim brakes even though disc brakes are available and offer more superior braking power in comparison.

Keep in mind that disc brakes are designed to easily handle wet weather conditions and unpredictable terrain.

But rim brakes come with other benefits worth exploring too, such as being low-maintenance and affordable since the brake pads don’t wear out as easily.


Affordable good bikes under 200 also come in different gear ranges.

Some only come with one gear which is easy to use, but they can go up to 27 different gears to switch between. The gear range you pick will largely depend on the types of terrain that you plan on biking through.

For the most part, hilly terrain often requires you to use different gears because the road is so uneven and unpredictable, whereas biking through flat terrain isn’t as engaging so there’s no need for so many gears.

Also, you don’t need as many gears if you’re just going to be cruising along the hillside.


A vast majority of the hybrid bikes you see on the market come with 700c wheels.

Why? Because these types of wheels spin effortlessly on the road whether you’re cycling on flat terrain or steep landscapes.

However, 700c wheels are available in different width sizes. The wider the width of your bike’s wheels, the better your chances of enjoying your ride when going through rough terrain.


You should also consider the bike’s suspension as it will affect how comfortable you are on the road as well as how easy it is to control the bike along the way. Bikes come with three different types of suspension, namely full, hardtail, and rigid suspension.

Rigid bikes offer no discernable suspension while hardtail bikes only come with front suspension. As the name implies, dual-suspension bikes have suspension both on the front and back.

Whether or not you choose a bike with or without suspension is your choice and it will depend on your preferences.

For the most part, dual-suspension bikes come highly recommended for bikers who enjoy mountain or trail biking because they’re designed to handle difficult terrain with ease.


Whether you’re looking for the best men’s bicycle under $200 or a women’s version, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice out there. You have both mountain bikes and road bike models to choose from as well as bikes with various features that you’ll need to handle any situation.

But, when it comes to the best bikes under 200, the Stone Mountain Women’s Mountain Bike takes the ultimate prize of being the optimal option. Although it’s mainly designed for women, it has too many great features to overlook.

This includes slight-raise handlebars to help you maintain optimal posture while on the bike, front suspension to help absorb shocks from the ground, and well-made tires that offer the best traction.

Another great thing about this bike is the fact that it’s available in a wide range of different colors, speeds, and sizes, so there’s a version of it that anyone will love. 

It also comes with a sturdy, well-stitched, and adjustable seat as well as durable and aerodynamically designed rims to make for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

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