8 Best BMX Bikes for Adults in 2022

BMX bikes are a fantastic mode of transport with which to explore the great outdoors. They’re made for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies who can’t wait to live out their motocross dreams. If this sounds like you, then you might be on the market for the best BMX bikes for adults for sale.

The thing about BMX bikes is that they function differently from other types of bikes and they’re unique in their design, so it’s important to get the perfect model for your needs, and age and experience play a major role in the selection process as well.

Best Adult BMX Bikes

In the following guide, you’re going to discover the best BMX for adults reviewed in satisfying detail, as well as some helpful pointers on how to successfully pick out a bike of your own.

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Many consider the L100 to be one of the best BMX bikes for adults and for good reason. This popular bike is great for beginners to the freestyle cycling movement and it’s the type of bike that you can grow with because it’s just as suitable for experienced riders.

It can handle all the different tricks that you’d want to do with it, from aerial stunts to curb jumps and more. Some of its notable features include the fact that this bike is particularly manufactured for people with a height of about 5 ft 8 inches which can be a difficult height category to find a bike for.

Not only that but this bike is able to support your frame with its sturdy chromoly frame which is underpinned by strong yet lightweight steel. This means that it’s not only built to last but is fairly flexible as well. It also comes with brake mounts that you can remove for your convenience, a 21-inch top tube, and a mid-BB shell.

If you care about your bike’s appearance, then you’ll be glad to know that this model is available in different BMX bike colors such as green, silver, and light blue.

  • It’s built tough and made to last
  • It offers a nice and lightweight ride
  • Great value for money
  • Allows you to do expert level stunts and jumps
  • Comes in different color options
  • Aluminum U brake
  • Short brakes line

2. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series BMX Freestyle Bike

The TONY HAWK Dynacraft Park Series is another bike that totally deserves to be on a list of the best adult BMX bike.

It features a Tony Hawk black color design with neon green accents and bright green hand grips.

Not only does it look good, but it rides like a dream and is very comfortable as well. That’s why it’s ideal for road tricks, stunts, and dirt jumps.

If you’re looking for a fun bike that’ll make for a fun bike riding journey, then look no further than this beauty. Although small, it packs a punch on the track and won’t let you down when you want to try out new tricks.

  • The fork and frame are backed by a lifetime promise
  • Great bike for kids aged 12 and up
  • Comfy seats with a flexible alloy clamp
  • Comes with rear U brakes for easy flat control
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Made to last
  • It’s a 24-inch BMX style bicycle
  • Poor customer service

3. Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX Race Bike

Mongoose is another brand that’s known for making some of the best BMX bicycles for adults and their Elite Pro BMX Race Bike is no exception.

Built for high performance, this high-quality bike is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned riders, and it comes with comfortable seats that enable you to practice comfortably all day long without feeling strained.

It’s made for riders of varying height levels, ranging from 5’3″ to 5’8″. Its frame is constructed from durable professional-grade aluminum which is sturdy enough to offer a balanced ride no matter the terrain.

This smooth-riding bike is also easy to control thanks to the safety ensuring Radius Alloy V-brake and brake levers. The best part is that it’s easy to assemble too. What’s not to like?

  • Suitable for beginners, intermediary and advanced riders
  • Easy to handle and control the speed
  • Great value for money
  • Made from a durable yet lightweight frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Poor customer service

4. Elite BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle Bike

The all-new and improved Distro BMX bike is particularly designed for intermediate riders who want to explore dirt biking as well as riding at your local park or street.

It comes in a unique pin color and it’s nice and lightweight enough for you to comfortably do tricks in.

It’s made from durable Hi-tensile steel with a 20-inch tube and it’s made to handle a heavy-weight adult with no problem. You’ll also be able to do really high jumps on this bike thanks to the 4-piece Cr-MO bars and perfectly sized 20 x 2.4″ tires.

This sleek bike scores major points in the looks department too and it features all the best and most high-quality components available, which means it’ll last longer as well.

  • The frame is constructed from hi-tensile steel
  • Made with high-quality components
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Lightweight enough to help you effortlessly jump through the air
  • It looks as good as it works
  • It’s not suitable for small kids
  • The grips aren’t very sturdy

5. Razor High Roller BMX Bike

The Razor High Roller BMX Bike is one of those bikes that’s having its time in the sun. This model comes with some incredible features and the fact that it’s available in different colors doesn’t hurt too.

It’s the ideal bike to get if you plan on bulldozing through obstacles as you perform your latest tricks and it’s made from the most durable materials for every component.

It also features excellent quality tubing technology with a fork and frame combo that’s made from strong high-tensile steel.

Although durable, this adult trick bike is rather lightweight and is supported by its easy-to-control front and rear hand brakes with a comfortable seat to boot.

  • Comes with front-wheel pegs
  • Comfy seat and 4 bolt stem
  • Super lightweight
  • Great racing bike
  • Constructed from high tensile steel
  • You’ll need to assemble it for a while

6. Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike

From the famous Razor brand, we have their Nebula BMX Bike.

It comes with its own set of fantastic features, such as its 20-inch wheel set, an adjustable seat post that sits on an ergonomically designed seat, and an alloy seat clamp which adds to the bike’s durability and strength.

The most important thing to note about this bike is just how tough it’s built. It can really take a beating with its welded steel frame and fork, and it’s one of those bikes that can really grow and evolve with you.

  • Comes with a freestyle rotor
  • Features alloy seat clamp
  • Has Front and rear handbrakes
  • Welded steel frame and fork
  • It’s not easy to assemble

7. Mafiabikes Kush 2 20-inch BMX Bike

Here we have one of the BMX bikes for adults cheap from the Mafiabikes brand. It’s perfect for beginners, with its TT high tensile steel frame which sits low to enable easy hop-on, hop-off entry, and exit into the bike.

It’s also worth noting that the frame is 2.3 inches thick which makes it possible for it to handle more weight while keeping you stable as you practice your first few tricks.

The crank is heat-forged to fortify this bike’s balance and stability and there are straightforward instructions on how to assemble it at your disposal so you won’t need to ask for professional help to install it.

  • Comes with a heat-treated forged crank
  • Easy to mount and dismount thanks to low height
  • Comes with stable 2.3-inch-thick tires
  • Constructed from TT hi-tensile steel frame
  • You need to assemble before use

8. Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

Here we have a great option from Redline, a well-known manufacturer in the dirt bike scene, especially when it comes to making quality adult BMX bikes. This model comes in colors like yellow, turquoise, red, grey, and blue and even experts consider it to be one of the best BMX bicycles for adults.

You can use it to perfect advanced level stunts and it’s even suitable for competing in races. That’s how reliable and well-built it is, and it’s available at different price points to suit whatever budget.

Some of their more high-end models are recommended for expert riders while the Pro and Youth models are considered to be on the affordable side. Regardless of price, every Redline adult BMX bike is made from the finest and most durable materials, featuring an aluminum alloy frame that’s sealed with a Euro bottom bracket.

Each high-quality bike can last for years without needing major repairs, just normal maintenance. These bikes can also take a lot of abuse, even through daily use and this might have something to do with the fact that their fork is made with 100% chromoly steel and has tapered legs too. With all that said, it’s important to note here that this bike is made with 5.4 ft riders in mind which can limit who can purchase it based on height.

  • Perfect size for kids
  • Well-built and great performance
  • Perfectly adjusted handbrake for easy assembly
  • Well-engineered frame
  • Lightweight
  • Great finish
  • It’s not the best quality

How to Pick the Best BMX Bikes for Adults

What is a good bmx bike for adults? If you’re going to purchase any of the models on our best adult BMX bikes, be sure to consider the following first:


It’s important to ensure that your BMX bike is constructed from a sturdy frame and chromoly offers the best of both worlds in terms of being lightweight, sturdy, and relatively affordable.

High tensile steel comes at a close second because it’s also durable but also heavy making it more suitable for beginners.


BMX riding is for daredevils and we’re not saying that lightly because, in actual fact, brakes are often not used in this sport. That’s because brake cables tend to get in the way and are often removed in order to perform certain tricks properly.

But, if you’re still a beginner, then you’ll want to opt for a bike with brakes because you won’t be doing a lot of stunts, to begin with.

Besides, if you’re going to ride your bike to the park to practice stunts then you must have brakes in order to cycle through traffic, or else you could be putting yourself and motorists in danger, and we must be considerate on the road.

Either way, most great BMX bikes only come with rear brakes as they are sufficiently low profile to not disturb the rider while performing tricks.


There are different types of BMX bike tires to suit your specific brand of bike riding. This includes knobby tires, multi-purpose tires, and slick tires.

Slick: These come with a small tread, which makes them ideal for flatland. However, they can also be utilized for ramps and parks as well.

Multi-Purpose: This particular type of tire comes with a bit more tread which enables you to tackle park and street riding as well as various other situations. But, they won’t provide a lot of resistance overall.

Thickness: BMX tires typically have a thickness that goes from 1.5 to 2.5 inches with a diameter of 20 inches. This measurement is typically provided for on the side of the tire for instance as 20 x 1.5. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that thick tires offer better traction and balance while thinner tires will improve your speed.

Knobby: Knobby tires, as the name suggests, are quite thick and come with deep grooves to provide better traction on trails and dirt roads. In addition to the above mentioned, you also want to consider the following when looking for freestyle BMX bikes for adults: air pressure and thickness of the tires.

Air Pressure: Tires with low air pressure usually have more give which allows you to do a lot more tricks, especially on hard surfaces which is where you’re most likely going to be. If that sounds ideal, look for tires with 40 psi to 70 psi tire pressure for softer landings. On the other hand, a tire with 90 psi and above will be harder and faster.


Why do you want this bike? What are you going to use it for? Is it suitable for the purpose that you want it for? As mentioned, BMX bikes are designed for dirt biking and practicing stunts. They’re built tough.

Although you can use them for pretty much any purpose because of their sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable design, they probably won’t be as affordable as a bike that’s solely designed for the daily commute, so it’s important to understand what you want a bike for.


Wheel hubs are right in the middle of the whole thing and are located at the back of the wheel. Wheel hubs come in four different categories; coaster brake, free coaster, cassette, and freewheel.

Coaster Brake: Coaster brakes come with a hub that brings the bike to a stop whenever you pedal backward, making them utterly useless to freestylers and you won’t be able to perform many other tricks besides.

Freewheel: A freewheel is designed to help you coast effortlessly when you’re tired of pedaling and are designed with a single ratchet and cog system.

Freecoaster: This particular hub makes it easy for the rear wheel to go back and forth effortlessly.

Cassette: A cassette also makes it possible for you to coast in between pedals, with the main difference being that the ratchet is located internally in this instance, making it easier to service due to its lightweight makeup. That’s why most BMX bikers prefer it to the other option.


You’ll also want to consider your weight and height when searching for the best BMX bikes for adults because they’re typically designed for riders of different sizes. Otherwise, average-sized BMX bikes are usually designed for people that are 5.3 inches tall or thereabout.

If you’re much taller than that, then you’ll have to keep a close eye on this feature when choosing a bike and you’ll have noticed that we made sure to mention it in the reviews above so you know what you’re getting.


BMX bikes typically come with a smaller frame that makes them easy to maneuver for riders of different ages and experience levels.

They typically carry the same size tires regardless of how long the tube is, which is really how you distinguish BMX bike size.

This is the part of the bike that runs from the handlebars to the seat and the size you pick in this regard will depend on your height.


Price is largely determined by materials and weight when dealing with BMX bikes. Lightweight bikes are usually made with high quality and sturdy materials but are also quite expensive, setting you back anything from $150 to $800 and more.

Cheap: On the low-end, BMX bikes typically cost about $150 and $400. Bikes in this price range are usually heavy because they’re constructed from hi-tensile or carbon steel. They only come with single-walled rims with no sealed bearings.

Mid-Size: Mid-range BMX bikes typically cost between $400 and $800 and are made from chromoly 4130 frames, which is a lightweight material compared to hi-ten steel and also more durable. They typically come with sealed bearings and a braking system too which helps to make performing tricks safer.

Expensive: At a price range of $800 or more you can purchase a customized BMX bike with everything you need to compete at an advanced level. These bikes are usually made from the strongest and lightest materials available, and come with strong rims and sealed bearings too.

What is a BMX Bike for Adults?

Now that you’ve seen all the BMX bikes for adults cheap, it’s time to reflect on what constitutes a BMX freestyle bike in the first place. For the most part, these bikes are designed specifically for doing stunts and competing in motocross stunt riding bike sports.

This sport is so popular that it has even earned recognition by the Olympics. But, most novices use the bikes for general thrashing about.

This is fitting because these bikes are built tough to handle these stunts, as evidenced by their long-tubed frames and portable nature. BMX bikes are usually affordable too and come in different sizes and colors so that they’re accessible to people of all ages.

Having said that, it’s clear that this type of bike isn’t meant for the daily commute. In fact, it may not fare well on paved streets but performs impressively on trails and other risk-taking adventures that involve doing stunts and generally challenging the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for adults to ride 24-inch BMX bikes?

Absolutely. But, only if you’re an average height adult or even on the short side. Anyone with a height in the 5-ft range will benefit from these bikes.

Do I need safety gear when riding a BMX bike?

A helmet is an absolute necessity if you’re going to ride a BMX bike, preferably one that goes all the way to the back of your head because sometimes you will land on your back. It just happens. Other safety gear that you’ll need include gloves to keep your hands protected from the dirt or even concrete when you fall, as well as knee pads and elbow pads too. The more protection, the better. That way, you’ll have more confidence to go after those challenging tricks knowing that you have a buffer between you and the floor.

Would it be illegal to ride a BMX bike with no brakes?

Interestingly, yes and that’s because certain states consider it harmful to ride a BMX bike with no brakes because you could end up colliding with a motorist or even a pedestrian who’s unable to get out of the way. BMX riders without brakes can even be fined in some places so it’s nice to make sure that your bike has brakes at least in the rear, just to be on the safe side.

What’s the use of short tubes in a BMX bike?

They’re referred to as pegs and they are what make it possible for you to perform all those different tricks. You can do a peg bonk on them, use them while grinding, and even stand on them.


There’s no denying that BMX bikes are a lot of fun. But, you really have to look far and wide to find the best BMX bikes for adults, which is something that we’ve done for you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and if you’re still wondering which option to pick, we highly recommend the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike. It’s available in various colors, it’s sturdy enough to handle different tricks and stunts, it’s lightweight and it’s built tough with a favorable price tag to match. You can’t ask for better than that!

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