7 Best BMX Bikes for Street Riding in 2022

Are you looking for some of the best BMX bikes for street riding? Well, finding the ideal bike for your needs can be a bit challenging, especially when you consider that there are plenty of brands to choose from, each with incredible features to offer.

However, all it takes is a bit of research to help decipher the top of the top. We went and did this research for you and came up with a list of the best BMX bikes to consider.

Best Street BMX Bikes

There are certain attributes that define a quality BMX bike. They include performance, durability, and extra features.

Here are our top bikes that you will find on the market right now:

1. Hiland 20” BMX Freestyle Bike

The Hiland 20” BMX Bike comes with a flexible rotor that turns the handlebars to a complete 360 degree. This gives you better handling and steering on any terrain. Although this is an entry-level bicycle, it still offers many incredible features.

First, you get a 25 x 9T gear system that’s easy to use and smooth to adjust. You also get four pegs, two fitted on each wheel for a better riding experience. The bike has a broad and comfortable seat and double U-brakes for performance and safety.

The only downside with the Hiland 20” is the fact that it’s designed for people 4’4” and above. This, therefore, means that it may not be ideal for shorter individuals. 

  • Features a super strong Hi-tensile steel frame
  • 25 x 9T gear system included for smooth riding
  • Fitted with a 360-degree rotor for easy steering and handling
  • High-performance double U-brakes for extra safety
  • Short people may find it difficult to ride this bicycle

2. Mongoose Title BMX Race Bike

For many years, Mongoose has remained one of the most notable brands in BMX bikes and the Mongoose Title Pro 20 is one of the best offerings from this manufacturer.

Designed for children, the bike features a solid aluminum frame and comes with an integrated headset for convenience and safety. The Title Pro 20 is also very affordable but don’t let this fool you. Even for its low price, the bike still boasts some amazing features. The unit has super large pedals for easy riding.

You also get a minimalist comfortable design. If you’re looking for the best BMX bikes for street riding that truly offer immense value for money, then the Title Pro 20 is highly recommended.

  • Beginner-friendly bike designed for children of all ages
  • Features a lightweight Tectonic T1 aluminum frame
  • Comes with Allow V-brake and brake levers
  • Arisun XLR8 20-inch tires with sturdy aluminum double-wall rims
  • Recommended child size looks way off

3. Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

The Redline Bikes Proline features innovative design, sturdy construction, and amazing aesthetics. The bike is fitted with huge 8-inch big-box handlebars, made from steel for outstanding durability in street BMX biking.

The tires are also thick and come with an excellent road grip for easy cruising. Besides, you can choose between two main colors, including orange and green, all of which feature superb black accents.

The Redline Bikes Proline comes with a smooth running chainset and features a well-designed ergonomic seat for comfort. If you’re looking for excellent strength and versatility in the best street BMX bikes, then this is the unit to choose.

  • Highly durable and strong design
  • Ergonomic seat for added comfort
  • Comes with 2 color options to choose from
  • Large 8-inch big box handlebars for better handling
  • The bike feels a bit heavy for our liking

4. Mafiabikes Kush 2 BMX Bike for Street

The Mafiabikes Kush 2 is a beginner-friendly BMX bike that should be perfect for people on a budget. It’s by far one of the best entry-level bikes and for good reasons. First, it comes with wide 2.3” thick tires for impeccable stability.

The bike is also fitted with a TT hi-tensile steel frame which makes it easier for the bike to support heavy people. The frame also has a low height level so that it’s easier for shorter people to sit and saddle without any problems.

The Mafiabikes Kush 2 comes fitted with heat-treated cranks that are relatively more durable and stable compared to casted cranks. Nonetheless, the bike requires some assembly once you buy it. But there’s a very easy-to-follow manual that should help you with this.

  • Features 2.3-inch thick tires that offer excellent stability and durability
  • Fitted with heat-treated forged crank for superb strength
  • Constructed from a TT hi-tensile steel frame to support heavy loading
  • Relatively lower height to accommodate shorter individuals
  • Some assembly is needed which can be complicated

5. Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike

The Razor High Roller is a colorful bike that comes with a durable high tensile steel frame for longevity and sturdiness.

It has an impressive height adjusting feature that makes it convenient enough for people of different heights. You don’t need any tools to adjust the height with the Razor High Roller. Simply use the quick release feature effortlessly to achieve the height that you want.

You’ll also love that the bike features a dominant yellow shade with beautiful accents of black for outstanding aesthetic value. The unit also comes with cross-type handlebars with a 4-bolt stem for better bike control and handling.

  • Quick-release height adjustment feature that requires no tools
  • Two front pegs included for rail grinding
  • Features a 4-bolt stem for better control and easy steering
  • Constructed with a Hi-tensile steel fork frame for durability and longevity
  • Some assembly will be needed to get the bike up and running

6. Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike

The Razor Nebula is an entry-level bike that comes with a set of amazing features. First, you will enjoy excellent build quality thanks to its sturdy welded steel frame and fork. It also features a 20-inch wheelset and an ergonomic seat designed to offer maximum comfort.

The seat also features an alloy clamp for stability. The aesthetics of this bike are also superb. The unit has a cool black and white color scheme, accentuated by a Razor logo along the suspension to create impeccable visual appeal.

If you’re looking for a durable entry-level bike for BMX street riding that will last you for years, then you won’t find a better option than this one.

  • Comes with a welded steel frame and fork for excellent durability
  • The seat is fitted with an alloy clamp for stability
  • A freestyle rotor is also included
  • High-performance front and rear brakes
  • It’s not that easy to assemble this bicycle for the first time

7. Mongoose Legion Mag BMX Bike

As noted above, Mongoose is a major BMX bike brand and the Mongoose Legion Mag is yet another bike from its incredible lineup. This unit features a well-built 4130 Chromoly frame that supports very heavy weights and loads.

You also get a U-brake designed with highly durable brake levers for excellent performance. The bike is fitted with a 21-inch top tube to accommodate taller street BMX riders. You get a threadless headset with a 50mm stem linking the chrome handlebars and the fork.

The bike also delivers smooth gear changes. Although it’s primarily designed for taller people, it’s indeed one of the best BMX bikes for street riding.

  • Features a durable hi-tensile frame for extra longevity
  • High-performance U-breaks are included
  • Comes with aluminum mag wheels for stability
  • You get a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • The fork bends under too much weight

How to Find the Best BMX Bikes for Street Riding

There are many BMX bikes and all of them have something to offer. However, if you’re really looking for the best BMX bikes for street riding, then you cannot afford to take any chances. The great news is that there are in fact certain features that you can look out for before you buy a BMX bike.

These features will help you make an informed choice and here they are:


The brand is simply a measure of how good a bike maker is. There are of course many brands in the BMX bike sector. But there are a few that stand out simply because of their proven track record of consistently producing high-quality bikes.

Before you buy a BMX bike, do some research on some of the best brands in the market. You’ll enjoy many benefits buying top branded bikes, including better warranties and reliable after-sale services.


The frame is literally the bike’s skeleton. It, therefore, needs to be very strong. There are two main materials used these days in the best BMX frame for street. They include steel and aluminum. Both of them are very durable and would easily support relatively heavy loads.

But steel is a bit cheaper. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bike, chances are it will come with a steel frame.

But despite this, steel is very heavy and will make the bike so difficult to maneuver. Aluminum, on the other hand, is relatively expensive but it’s super lightweight. You will find aluminum frames mostly on racing bikes and other premium bikes.


The brake is the most important safety feature of any bike. Good brakes can save you from potential risky accidents, especially if you plan to use the bike for stunts. In that case, go for bikes that offer durable high-performance brakes.


Bikes are designed for different age groups, and of course for people of different physiques. For example, relatively bigger adults with a tall frame would probably be better suited for taller bikes. You may also want to pick bikes that deliver thick wheels for stability.

But for children, or adults who aren’t built too much, going for small bikes with relatively less thick wheels is highly advised.

Weight Capacity

Although bikes are naturally made to be as durable as possible, they come with very specific weight capacity specifications.

Traditionally, BMX bikes can support relatively higher weights compared to other bikes. But even then, it’s very important to know the weight specification of the bike you intend to buy and see if they work for you or not.


Aesthetics also matter when it comes to BMX bikes. Yes, most people want high-performance bikes. But this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look good. The good thing about colors is that they are quite subjective.

Different people prefer different colors. For this reason, go through all the color options available and pick a bike that meets your aesthetic tastes.

What Are BMX Bikes for Street Riding?

BMX bikes are highly durable bikes that typically feature a 20-inch wheel and a strong fork and frame. Bikes are regarded as the preferred choice for motocross sports and remain one of the most popular bikes on the planet.

BMX bikes are also very basic. They rarely have advanced or sophisticated features. This makes them easy to use and maintain. However, even though these bikes were initially built for racing, they have distinguished themselves over the years and cut out a category of their own.

They are in fact very popular with young and middle-aged people. You should also note that BMX bikes feature a simple gear system that feels smooth and easy to maneuver with.


Finding good street BMX bikes is never that easy. After all, there are many options to choose from. However, you don’t need to worry. Certain brands truly stand out and the Hiland 20” BMX Freestyle Bike is one of them.

The bike offers many great features such as a sturdy high-tensile steel frame for outstanding durability. You also get a pair of double U-brakes for enhanced safety and versatile handlebars for easy riding.

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