Best Entry Level BMX Bike in 2022

Are you looking for the best entry level BMX bike to enhance your riding pleasure and experience? Well, you’re not alone. Many beginner and advanced cyclists prefer BMX bikes for a number of good reasons.

For instance, BMX bikes are fun to ride thanks to their small frames and typical rugged construction. BMX bikes are also among the most affordable bikes today, which is great for beginner riders looking for a good bike under $200 or $300.

Best Entry Level BMX Bikes

Here are our best BMX bikes for beginners for anyone looking for the best entry level BMX bike:

1. Madd Gear Boost BMX Bike

The Madd Gear Boost is one of the most beautiful bicycle models ever innovated. The Madd Gear probably derived its name from its bottom bracket and 25 by 9 system crankset that makes it an extraordinary sprinter.

This bike is also famous for comfort, largely because it has a pivotal style saddle and high riser handles that emphasize upright position.

Other features that make The Boost a good entry level BMX bike include the following:

  • Rear U brake and front calliper brake. Both sets are equipped with finger alloy levers.
  • Alloy rims each containing 36 spokes.
  • Pegs at the front and back.
  • It has a 36 hole Freewheel made of alloy.
  • The boost comes with Unicrown 20” forks.
  • It’s designed with standard handlebars with a cross bar.
  • The bike is fitted with a 3-piece crank with cro-moly axle for strength and stability.
  • The wheels of the Madd Gear Booster are designed to perform in tough terrain
  • Its brakes make it one of the safest bikes to ride
  • Requires little effort to maintain
  • The bike is affordable
  • It’s competent on the racing track
  • It’s a bit challenging to assemble for beginners

2. Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike

The most conspicuous feature about this bike is its 26-inch wheels, 4-inch-wide knobby tires. The wheels account for stability in slimy conditions. This model comes in multiple colors including light blue, red, and navy, and remains to be one of the most affordable BMK entry bikes.

The Dolomite is made with a cushioned seat that’s not a luxury but is very useful during rough and long rides. The frame of the Mongoose Dolomite is made out of light steel alloy that conforms to race geometry.

If you want a cheap bike that’s furnished with many useful features, then try the Dolomite. Other salient features which make the Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Bike an excellent bike in terms of style and performance include the following:

  • Is designed with highly effective mechanical brakes. These brakes make the bike safe even at high speeds. The Dolomite can have the ability to stop in an instance, therefore preventing serious accidents.
  • Its tires make it excel in muddy or snowy conditions.
  • Assembly of its components can be done with minimal mechanical knowledge.
  • The bike is versatile in traversing terrain. Its parts and geometry support stability and balance
  • The Mongoose offers comfortable rides because its saddle is adjustable to provide the preferred riding posture
  • The model is beautifully designed and is available in a variety of colors
  • The bike’s flat tires stand out in durability
  • Some users say that the grip shift on the handlebars often makes the rider shift gears by mistake

3. Redline Roam BMX Bikes

Redline Roam is one of the most affordable entry-level bikes today.

The beginner BMX bike is designed to dominate the race track and is especially famous for its tall handlebars that ease maneuverability. They are also able to allow the rider various riding positions.

The Redline Roam is made with a stylish look enhanced by sports and racer graphics. This article shall review the features of this bike that qualify it as one of the best BMX entry bikes.

Made of High-Tension Steel

The frame and fork of the Redline Roam model are high tensile steel that remains relatively unaffected on rough terrain.

The frame’s design is structured to make it relatively light and stream-lined for precision in cornering. This model is respected. It has low-cost maintenance demands because it’s not prone to frequent damage.

High-Quality Wheels

Redline Roam BMX Bikes are fitted with sporty wheels, each bearing 36 spokes, that help to qualify Redline Roam as an all-season racer.

The wheel is made of rust-resistant alloy that requires very little maintenance. The wheels are firm and not vulnerable to tear in harsh conditions.

Micro Drive Gearing

On the race track, the Redline Roam is reputed for fast acceleration. This feature also makes the bike easy adaptable to different terrains.

Microdrive gearing accounts for the bike’s efficiency especially when it comes to steep terrain. This function also provides the Redline Roam with torque, speed, and strength which leads to incredible performance.

Reliable Braking System

The Redline Roam is built with very powerful brakes. Besides being trusted during emergencies, the V-brakes are a side-pull version of cantilever brakes with the advantage of longer arms.

If you desire an incredible off-road racing bike, then the Redline Roam is your best choice. 

Because of its advanced braking system, the Redline Roam tends to perform best in every terrain mainly because of its two arms that provide leverage.

  • Redline Roam Bikes are generally affordable
  • The bikes are designed with a tilted saddle that makes them comfortable and shock-absorbent
  • This model displays fast acceleration facilitated by a high-performance gear system
  • The bike is light and weight
  • Doesn’t have the best downhill riding performance

4. Diamondback Grind Pro BMX Bike

The Diamondback Grind Pro derives a lot of fame from its sturdy and durable steel frame. Along with 20-inch diameter wheels this model is perfectly suited for young, aspiring riders. Every feature in the Diamondback makes it a robust bike that excels even in off-road conditions.

Some of the characteristics of this budget entry bike include the following:

Fast and Responsive Braking System

As a race track sprinter, the Diamondback Grind Pro is designed to be accident-free.

This function is enhanced by the bike’s precise U-brake system connected to the steering system giving the rider full command, precision, and control in difficult situations or emergencies.

Highly Responsive Steering System

The handlebars and fork which are made of high tensile steel are connected to the 48mm stem and threadless headset. This interaction between the brakes and the wheelset gives the ride the ultimate riding experience.

Other specifications of the Diamondback Grind Pro that make it a reliable off-road performer include the following:

  • The bike is equipped with DB Team Grips.
  • The cranks comprise of a 3-piece Chromoly with 8-spine bottom bracket axle
  • Its rims are made out of aluminum with brushed sidewalls. Each carries 48 spokes which are essential in enhancing firmness.
  • It uses both front and rear brakes. The U brakes come with SST DC Amplifier and Soft Component Pads.
  • The steel frame can withstand harsh conditions
  • Very cheap when considering its unique package of features
  • Braking system is potentially life-saving
  • The bike provides comfort and a good riding posture
  • This model is available in many colors
  • Assembling the bike is a bit challenging for beginners

5. Framed Impact Beginner BMX Bike for Adults

The Framed Impact provides for comfortable, trouble-free rides. This versatile model comes with an efficient gearing system that’s 9t paired to 36t in the front end that performs better than average microdrives.

It has a steel frame which makes it extremely responsive and suitable for a wide range of riding styles. If you’re looking for a bike that can allow you to practice wild riding antics, the Impact model is the right choice.

This one also comes with comfortable trick pedals that beckon for adventure. The framed impact is one of the few bikes that you can test in hostile, rugged environments with little to no damage.

Framed Impact Bikes have the reputation of tangled brakes reinforced by a rear U-brake. The model weighs around 25 pounds and is suited for teens and young adults.

Some of the features that make Framed Impact a choice bike include the following:

  • Symmetrical handlebars made of high-tension steel
  • Framed alloy U-brakes
  • A standard 1 1/8” loose ball headset
  • The crank is one piece of forged steel
  • A 14 tooth freewheel
  • Single-walled, 36-hole alloy rims
  • Wide and comfortable pedals with nylon composite
  • 36 tooth steel chainring
  • Requires minimal maintenance and service because its parts are strong and rust-free
  • Is attractive and provides customized decoration options in the form of stickers
  • The bike is lightweight
  • The grips on the bike make it comfortable for long riding
  • The framed impact makes room for high-risk riding behavior
  • The bike is comparatively heavier than other BMX models

How to Pick the Best Entry Level BMX Bike

You can easily find the best entry level BMX bicycle that will serve you for a long time when you pay close attention to the key components. Beware of manufacturers who try to make bikes or parts that look like genuine brand-name parts but are actually not.

However, once you have established that the bike is indeed a genuine BMX, you’ll want to check some of the bike’s key components to ensure that it’s not only durably made but also meets your riding needs. 

Here are some of the key components you’ll need to pay special attention to before you choose your best entry level BMX bike:

Bike’s Frame Material

An entry level BMX bicycle is only as good as the frame it’s made of. You should ideally look for a bike with a compact, lightweight, and long-lasting frame.

At an entry-level price, don’t expect to get a feather-light frame but look for at least a frame made of chromoly or lighter high-tension steel. A majority of entry level BMX bikes come with frames made of a steel composition called chromoly 4130 or simply chromo.

This type of frame material provides better strength than the cheaper Hi-Tensile steel, which is quite common in lower-end or department store bikes. Good beginner BMX bikes designed for racing have stiffer and lightweight frames made of aluminum.

If your budget allows, you can go for a BMX racing bike made of a carbon fiber frame which comes with better vibration dampening and more weight reduction than steel and aluminum. However, for an entry level BMX bike, a Chromoly frame will suffice.

Pay Attention to the Size of the Wheels

Wheel size is another important factor to consider in the best entry level BMX bicycle. Good BMX bikes for beginners come in a wide range of wheel sizes for adults and kids.

If you’re an adult who wants to relive the earlier fun of riding a BMX bike, you could consider the traditional wheel sizes of 20-inch and 24-inch or the fairly new 22-inch wheel size. These wheel sizes provide a good balance between rolling efficiency and riding agility.

If you’re into street cruising on a BMX bike, find a larger 26-inch size on a bike with corresponding frame size. The latest larger wheel size offers excellent comfort in a street BMX bike.  

Bike’s Tires

The bike’s tires are important to consider because they are the first point of contact with the surface and therefore have a major impact on the speed, rolling, resistance, grip, and overall handling of the bike. Wider tires are good for smooth riding and street biking.

Young riders often go for narrow tires that allow you to navigate corners at extreme lean angles and perform unimaginable tricks.

However, narrow tires tend to sacrifice grip for maneuverability. For most adult riders, a larger volume pair of tires is more preferable because it offers better sidewall suspension action, greater grip, and better impact absorption.

Tires within the 2.25-inch to 2.4-inch casing width provide better comfort, safety, and riding confidence. They also have better overall grip and lower pressure than narrow tires.

Brand-Name Brakes

You should be very careful with the type of brakes you find on an inexpensive entry level BMX bicycle. Some of the bikes under $200 may have low-quality ineffective or hard-to-tune brakes.

You should ideally buy a bike with brand-name brakes. Good examples of brand-name brakes include Shimano and Tektro.

At the very least, the bike should have both front and rear brakes. Keep in mind that front brakes have more stopping power than rear brakes.

Quality of the Drivetrain

You should obviously find a bike with a good quality drivetrain. Find a crank system that matches your riding style. Just like in the brakes, look for brand-name drivetrain parts, such as Shimano.

Typically, drivetrains come in one-piece or three-piece cranks. Whichever option you choose, make sure that it comes with sealed bearings.    


When it comes to pedals for a good starter BMX bike look for wide platform pedals made of plastic to reduce weight and that are generally easy on your budget.

Plastic is also less harsh on your shins than metal in the unfortunate event of knocking your shins on the pedals. There are different types and designs of pedals for different riding styles.

If you’re into racing, go for clip-in pedals which give you the ability to generate maximum power and accelerate faster. For entry-level riders, a flat pedal is enough when building your riding skills.


The best entry level BMX bicycle for you will largely depend on the factors discussed above and your personal riding style.

All the options reviewed here offer most of the features you’d want in a good BMX bike for beginners. However, we highly recommend the Madd Gear 20-Inch Boost BMX Bike.

It provides great comfort thanks to a pivotal saddle, great brakes with powerful stopping power, and all the key features you need in an entry level BMX bike at an affordable price.

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