Best Handlebar Tape in 2022

As a cyclist, there are many different things that you should be equipped with for the best riding experience. One of such relevant cycling tools/accessories is the best handlebar tape. A lot of bikers make use of this tape to boost comfort and cycling efficiency.

However, there are many different types to choose from, and here we will focus on the best bicycle handlebar tape.

Best Bike Handlebar Tape

Out of all the available handlebar tapes on the market, we have selected the top products for you.  

1. Lizard Skins Tape and Plugs Bar Tape

If you’re looking to buy the best bike tape, this is a great recommendation for you. It’s a quality product that has been fabricated from a strong polymer material. The tape is also extremely lightweight – at just 50g – and it can barely be felt when stretched over your handlebars.

The tapes provide a wonderful amount of padding that eliminates blistering tendencies of the palm and fingers.

Those who care much for aesthetics can choose from different available hues – Yellow, Blue, Neon, Green, and more. The tape has a thickness of about 2.5mm that ensures a good grip while riding on different terrains.

  • It’s a light-weight product
  • Sticks well to handlebars through means of adhesion
  • Gives riders good padding around the palms and fingers
  • Improves traction by absorbing moisture from sweaty palms
  • It isn’t very long-lasting

2. Weanas Bike Bar Tape

Next in our bicycle handlebar tape reviews is Weanas Bike Tape. This is a product that deserves a place among our top picks. Weanas is a company that has gained a wonderful reputation for quality outdoor gear and equipment. They have done a great job with this tape – the tapes have a structurally layered design. Among these layers is a Vex Gel layer – it serves as a sort of padding that tackles moisture, abrasion, rust, and more.

Much of the tape’s long-lasting ability, pliability, and convenience are attributed to the integration of an EVA material. The Weanas Tape package includes end plugs and finishing tape.

The tape also helps with vibration damping – thanks to its technical innovative layers. You also get to choose between different available hues – Black, Red, and White.

  • The rolls have an abundant amount of layered tape
  • Fixing the tapes around your handlebars is simple and straightforward
  • Wonderful Vex Gel cushioning
  • Good level of elasticity
  • Tends to get loose
  • Red hue isn’t distinctive enough from Orange

3. Fizik Tempo Microtex Classic Tape

Bikers who care about looks and aesthetics would enjoy this option. It comes in a wide range of different available hues and designs.

It also has a thickness (2mm) that improves hand traction and curbs any friction-related damages to the hand – like blisters. The tape is ultra-lightweight, thanks to the innovative Microtex used in its fabrication. Bikers get to enjoy a leather-like texture that’s gentle on the palms.

The Fizik Tempo Microtex Bondcush Classic Tape is available in 2mm, 2½ mm, and 3mm thicknesses – choose the one that suits you best. Apart from its soft and comfy texture, it’s also a long-lasting product.  

  • You get to pick from different available hues and designs
  • Simple and fast cleaning process
  • No complications with getting it wrapped around the handlebars
  • Tape isn’t long enough

4. BV EVA Road Bike Handlebar Tapes

The next item in this review is the BV EVA Road Bike Tape. The manufacturers of this product have made it to be a durable tape – it’s fabricated from sturdy Ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer. Apart from that, the tape also has a stylish design that makes the bike even more attractive.

Other wonderful features of this tape include a 3-meter adhesive layering that makes the tape’s installation, around the handlebars, simple and quick. The sticks properly to the handlebars and it won’t get loose even in rough conditions.

As its name implies, this product includes the integration of cushioning EVA foam that stops friction-related damages to the palm and fingers. With this BV EVA Road Bike Tape, you can confidently go for lengthy rides. In fact, this is a product worthy of the best road bike handlebar tape title.

  • Equipped with EVA foam for protection against blisters
  • Light-weight product
  • Absorbs moisture from sweaty palms for improved traction on handlebars
  • Long-lasting design
  • Insufficient tape length for bigger handlebars

5. Domain Cycling Extra Long Bar Tape

The Domain Cycling Tape is stylishly designed and is made available in different colors – Black, Green, Pink, and Yellow. Feel free to pick whichever hue suits your bike’s profile best. Just as its name implies, it has sufficient tape length to cover all corners of your bike’s handlebars. Even after wrapping up the bars, there’ll still be some remaining lengths of the tape for later use.

Apart from all that, there are additional features of this unit. Getting a firm grip on your handlebars is guaranteed, as this tape integrates Polyurethane Leather surface with its design.

Bikers are also protected from friction-related damages to the palm and fingers – thanks to the EVA Foam and Vex-Gel lining that provide a safe layer of padding.

  • Abundant 94-inches tape length
  • Adhesive backing for attachment
  • Includes Vex-Gel lining for added comfort
  • Designed with anti-slip features for improved traction
  • Tape isn’t that durable

6. KINGOU EVA Road Bike Tape

This is another excellent tape that deserves to be on your list of cycling accessories. It has been designed to provide bikers with optimal traction in different situations. The product also includes an innovative integration of EVA foam that gives the tape a cushioning effect.

You get to pick from up to ten unique hues – certainly, you’ll find one that perfectly matches your bike’s physical appearance. The tape also absorbs moisture from sweaty palms for improved hand traction. The tape has sufficient length to fit around your handlebars, and it features a 2.8mm thickness and 30mm width. Wrapping the tape around your handlebars is a simple and straightforward process.

Firmly securing the tape around the handlebars requires you to apply a significant level of constant mechanical force.

  • Water-absorbent feature
  • Sold at a pocket-friendly price
  • Light-weight product
  • Comfortable textured grip
  • It isn’t durable
  • The plastic bar plugs aren’t attractive

7. Planet Bike Comfort Cork Tape

If you want to buy the best bicycle handlebar tape, then you shouldn’t overlook this product. The Planet Bike Comfort Cork Tape has been around for many years, and it retains its level of quality so far. With this tape, cyclists get to enjoy a significant level of traction and convenience – thanks to the EVA foam tape. You also get to choose from different available hues and enjoy UV protection against color damage.

Fixing this tape around your handlebars is a simple and straightforward process – the tapes have a good level of flexibility. Even when you’re out riding in the rain, you’ll still enjoy a great level of traction from these tapes.

The Planet Bike Comfort Tape package includes some quality end plugs. Unlike the two products we reviewed earlier, this one’s package includes the Good Gear Guarantee.

  • Well-padded tapes that feel gentle on the hands
  • Holds strongly on the handlebars
  • UV protection against color damage
  • Apart from bikes, it can be used with other equipment like lawnmowers and strollers
  • Faded red hue
  • Unwinds easily if wrapped poorly
  • Weak adhesive

8. Cinelli Cork Bar Tape

The Cinelli Cork Tape is a quality product that has been manufactured to satisfy high standards. This coolest bar tape has been sold for about 33 years now, and it maintains its reputation as a reliable and efficiency-boosting accessory. The tape is affixed to the handlebars by means of adhesion.

Installing this tape around the handlebars is a simple, quick, and straightforward process – all you need to do is cut strips of the tape and neatly wound them over regions of the handlebars.

The manufacturers of this product have also ensured that the tapes don’t cause blisters around the palm and fingers – the tapes have a gentle and comfortable texture. If you care much for variety, this product is available in different hues and textured designs.

  • Fabricated from cork and GEL
  • Performs excellently even when wet or in rain
  • You get to choose from different hues and patterns
  • UV protected colors
  • Grey color isn’t as dark as advertised
  • Difficulty removing the tape when poorly installed
  • Lacks any form of warranty

How to Choose the Best Handlebar Tape for Road Bike

Before purchasing a particular tape, you should look out for:


One of the major purposes of using handlebar tapes on cyclocross bikes is to provide a firm grip for more efficient biking.

In fact, excellent padded handlebar tapes should have a moisture absorbing feature that allows them to remove moisture from sweaty palms and retain a firm grip all through the ride.


The tape’s flexibility will determine how well it holds onto the handlebars.

Flexible tapes can be easily maneuvered in different styles to securely cling to all corners of the handlebars. Make sure that you select a neon handlebar tape that isn’t too rigid.


The tape’s padding is also a feature that mustn’t be overlooked. The padding is responsible for providing cyclists with a cushioned effect for additional comfort.

If you want the best handlebar tape for comfort, you must watch out for its padding.


There are varying thicknesses of handlebar tapes. The thickness also determines how much grip/traction can be gotten out of the tape same as is the case with handlebar grips.

However, certain thicknesses might not feel comfortable for some riders. Hence, you should go for a thickness that feels comfy in your palms, but also provides you with the needed amount of traction.


Durability is a key factor that must be considered before buying any handlebar tapes.

The layers and materials used in the design of the tape would determine how long-lasting it’ll be. For a tape to be very durable, it needs to have a significant level of pliability.  


Lots of handlebar tapes are installed around the bars by means of adhesion.

The tape is expected to have strong adhesive properties that will ensure the tape remains in position throughout the bike ride. Weak adhesion will only cause the tape to annoyingly get loose while cycling.


Handlebar tapes are available in a vast amount of unique colors. Based on your bike’s physical profile, you can choose anyone that best matches your hybrid bike.

However, you must be cautious of colors that may fade quickly and look ugly after. You should look out for colors that are UV-protected against fading.


Lastly, length must always be considered. Different bikes have different handlebar lengths.

Before purchasing your tape, make sure you’ve affirmed the length of your handlebars. The tape required to fully cover it can then be determined.

Why Use Handlebar Tape?

Handlebar tapes are one of the popular biking accessories that many bikers have adopted for improved traction and efficiency.

Most tapes are available at pocket-friendly prices, and they do a good job of protecting the hands from friction-related injuries – like blisters and sores.

If you’d like to maintain a firm grip on your handlebars even when sweating, you should adopt the use of absorbent handlebar tapes.


With all that has been said in this review of the best handlebar tape, you shouldn’t have a tough time selecting the best match for your bike. However, among all the reviewed items, the Lizard Skins Tape and Plugs Bar Tape is the best.

This is a quality product that has been fabricated from a polymer material. The tape is also extremely lightweight – at just 50g – and it can barely be felt when stretched over your handlebars.

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