8 Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 in 2022

Hybrid bikes are designed to maximize comfort while providing relatively better speeds and easy handling. They are an ideal blend of your typical road and mountain bike. The best hybrid bikes under 500 are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including a simple cruise around town, carrying luggage, and even for daily commutes.

Top Hybrid Bikes Under 500

As we have noted above, there’s an incredible variety of hybrid bikes to choose from. But we understand it can be hard sometimes deciding which of them is best suited for you.

For this reason, we did extensive research on hybrid bikes and came up with the list below:

1. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is a versatile multipurpose bike designed for women, although men can use it too. The bike is perfect for commuting and sporting events. It comes with a built-in rear rack, classic rim brakes, and a 21-speed shifter.

The bike also has a built-in fender for ease of storage and a light sturdy aluminum frame for extra durability. You get a reliable Shimano derailleur on the speed shifter, easy pannier attachment, and additional suspension elements on the seat and fork.

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is by far one of the most popular bikes and it’s highly rated on Amazon as well. Although some assembly is needed, it should take only a few minutes.

  • 21 speed SRAM grip shifter paired with a standard Shimano derailleur
  • The bike features a padded saddle for comfort
  • Fitted with an adjustable stem and proprietary Schwinn alloy crank and fork
  • One of the lightest hybrid bikes at just 35.5 pounds in weight
  • Parts should be of higher quality

2. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Bicycle

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney bike is the epitome of versatility. It’s designed to glide through different terrains. The bike is also manufactured by one of the most notable brands in the world. You get an adjustable seat with this bike plus 26-inch wide tires that should easily cruise everywhere.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney also lets you pick between 1, 3, 7, and 21-speed gear options depending on the terrain of where you live. For those of you who want to use it for off-roading, then we’d highly recommend the 21-speed option. But in case you live in flat areas like the city, then 1, 2, or 7 options should be ideal.

Either way, this is a high-performance bike that offers superb features for a very affordable price, making it one of the best hybrid bikes under 500.

  • Lightweight design for easy handling
  • Very comfortable and smooth to ride
  • High maneuverability on several terrains
  • Gives you several gear options to meet your needs
  • The gears tend to be very noisy
  • Not ideal for shorter riders

3. Hiland Road Hybrid Bike

The Hiland Road Hybrid Bike is an extremely versatile multipurpose bike designed to offer a fun and comfortable riding experience for everyone. It has a beautiful matte black aluminum frame and easily customizable racks, kickstands, lights, and fenders. It’s one of those bicycles that can do anything.

Whether you’re looking to commute from town to town, ride a trail in the countryside, or just take a leisurely cruise down the park, this is the hybrid bike for you. The Hiland Bike is also fitted with reliable mechanical disc brakes for safety and can reach very good speeds on flat roads.

You will get easy assembly and a 24-speed gear shift, fitted with a variety of top-grade Shimano elements, including a thumb grip switch for easy gear adjustment. It’s indeed one of the best hybrid bikes under $500.

  • Assembly for this bike is super easy
  • Lightweight design that can hit excellent speeds on the road
  • Easy to use gear shifters
  • A sturdy aluminum design that lasts for years without any damage
  • Durable mechanical disc brakes for extra safety
  • Some users have complained the disc brake alignment looks faulty

4. Schwinn Suburban Sport Hybrid Bike

One thing that sets the Schwinn Suburban bike apart is the amazing comfort you get riding it. And when you consider it costs less than $300, it’s an absolute bargain.

The bike comes with well-designed handlebars, a comfortable seat, and a sturdy frame for easy handling as you cruise on various terrains.

The Schwinn Suburban hybrid bike is fitted with suspensions at the front and handlebars for smooth riding. You also get reliable alloy hand brakes for both the front and rear wheels. Although the frame is built using steel, it’s still relatively lighter than expected.

  • Easy and smooth ride on multiple terrains
  • Very comfortable bike
  • Excellent sturdy design and performance
  • Assembling may be problematic for people who aren’t that handy with tools

5. Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle

The Kent Springdale hybrid bike is often likened to the Toyota Corolla for two main reasons. First, it’s super affordable.

Secondly, it delivers excellent performance, giving you excellent value for money. The bike comes fitted with a 21-speed shifter, a sturdy 36 spoke double alloy rim on each wheel, and linear-pull brakes for extra safety.

It’s designed to ride on multiple terrains too thanks to its 60mm front suspension. But it’s mostly used for recreational purposes. The aesthetics of Kent Springdale are also quite commendable.

  • Sleek and sporty design
  • Versatile in multiple terrains
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Innovatively engineered rims for maximum performance and easy handling
  • Some people may have trouble with assembly
  • The instruction manuals provided by the manufacturer are hard to understand

6. Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Cruiser

The Schwinn Wayfarer comes in a cute light blue shade and features high-quality 700c tires, designed to glide through trails and city roads with ease.

It’s also by far one of the more affordable hybrid bikes today that offer excellent performance. The bike is built for women too. The frame is super sturdy and offers excellent load-bearing capacity compared to most bikes in its category.

The Schwinn Wayfarer is also fitted with a 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM shifters for top performance and safety.

  • Designed perfectly to suit women’s body physic
  • Offers a superb riding experience in multiple terrains
  • One of the most affordable hybrid bikes in the world
  • Comes in a cute color that’s easy on the eye
  • Sturdy handlebars are included for comfort and easy handling
  • The seat may feel a little uncomfortable during long bumpy rides
  • The bike is relatively heavier compared to other units

7. Kent Springdale Men’s Hybrid Bicycle

The Kent Springdale Men’s Hybrid Bicycle works great in recreational riding and your daily commute. The bike also offers superb performance, easy handling, and a very comfortable ride. It comes with large 700c tires and a lightweight aluminum frame as well.

The frame is handcrafted from scratch so there’s some sentimental value associated with it. Either way, its durability is quite impeccable and should last you for a long time.

The bike is also fitted with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur that shifts swiftly and easily. It’s one of the best cheap hybrid bikes.

  • Comes with large 700c wheels for easy handling and comfortable rides across all terrains
  • A handcrafted lightweight aluminum frame is also included
  • Very comfortable riding the bike
  • Beautiful rear racks and fenders
  • The bike is relatively heavier compared to most hybrid bikes out there

8. Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

If you love getting out and enjoying the cool outdoor trails then this is the bike for you. It’s designed for both men and women and comes with the option of two frames.

First, you can go for a 16 or 18-inch step-through frame but you also have the option of a step-over frame depending on your needs.

You also get the chance to choose between different speeds, ranging from 21 to 24. The Schwinn GTX is also easy to control and maneuver. It has strong disc braking systems too that deliver excellent responsiveness and safety. 

  • Comfortable to ride on any terrain
  • Comes with very effective front suspension
  • Versatile enough to be used in many surfaces
  • Takes very little time to assemble
  • The tires on this bike are too slender

How to Pick the Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500

It’s important to know some of the factors that distinguish the best hybrid bikes from the rest. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to these bikes or an avid cyclist.

If you want value for your money, then you have to take your time and compare different bike models before settling on the one you want. There are of course so many features you want to look out for in some of the best hybrid bikes under 500.

Here are the main ones:


The frame is the skeleton of your bike. It’s the very foundation on which the bicycle is built. Without it, the bike will be nothing. Frames are made from metal. However, aluminum is mostly preferred because of its lightweight and durability as well.

But you can still go for steel-made frames for that extra bit of durability. The only downside with steel is the fact that it’s prone to rust, something that may ultimately affect the performance of your bike.


Most hybrid bikes selling for under $1,000 tend to offer a huge variety of gear options. In most cases, you will find either 1x or 2x gearing in these bikes. This is a bit different compared to expensive higher-end bikes that tend to have at most a 1x gear system.

Besides, the derailleurs in high-end bicycles differ greatly compared to lower-end brands. For example, high-end Shimano shifters like the Acera and Alivio are more often found on high-end hybrid bikes while lower-end bikes tend to have lower-end Shimano shifters including the Tourney and the Altus.


You’ll notice that a majority of hybrid bikes under $1,000 are fitted with disc brakes. This is by no means a downside.

In fact, disc brakes are very reliable and safe even in tough weather conditions. The biggest difference, however, is whether these disc brakes are mechanical or hydraulic.

Mechanical brakes are cheaper and are found in lower-end hybrid bikes while hydraulic ones tend to feature in higher-end brands.


The standard wheel size for most hybrid bikes is 700c or 700mm in diameter. Wider tires provide better handling and maneuverability in various terrains.

This makes your ride more comfortable. We’d often recommend that you choose bikes with 700c tires. This is because such tires are very common so it will be easier to get replacements if need be.


The size of the bike determines a lot of things including handling, maneuverability, and comfort. If you buy a bike bigger or smaller than your physique, you will have trouble riding it as comfortably as you’d want.

Even if the bike has an adjustable seat, raising it too high or too low, disproportionately to the size of the bicycle, can make riding dangerous and unpleasant. Before you buy any hybrid bike, always test it out to be sure it fits your size.


Hybrid bikes under 500 are designed to be as lightweight as possible. This is why they will normally range from 24 to 28 pounds in weight. However, the final weight is determined by many factors including the brand, the materials used for the frame, and of course the size of the bike.

What Are Hybrid Bikes?

A hybrid bike is more or less a combo of a road and a mountain bike. In essence, you get the sleekness and maneuverability of a road bike combined with the durability and all-terrain glide of a mountain bike. Hybrid bikes are very affordable as well. In fact, you can easily find top models for less than $300.

Hybrid bikes are also characterized by an upright riding position, wide 700c wheels, and flat handlebars. All these specs are designed to enhance performance while giving you as much comfort as possible.


Picking a quality hybrid bike that meets your needs is often easier said than done. There are just so many options to go for but the great news is that some models stand out more than others. The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women is by far the best of the lot. It comes with a 21-speed shifter and a lightweight design that makes handling quite easy.

This bicycle also offers a smooth comfortable ride and its versatile design makes it a great fit for both city roads and tough mountainous terrains.

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