8 Best Mountain Bike Gloves in 2021 for All Seasons

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Searching for the best mountain bike gloves? Like most bikers, you’ve probably been burned before by buying sub-par biking gloves that ended up doing more harm than good. This happens to the best of us so don’t beat yourself up about it.

The good news is we did the research to make it easier to find bike gloves and keep your hands protected from the elements when biking in harsh terrain.

The last thing you need is another pair of poorly made gloves that cause blisters and tearing. That’s exactly what we’re going to help you avoid with this guide.

What Are the Best Mountain Bike Gloves?

It’s essential that you have good quality gloves by your side when hitting the trails.

But, the market is awash with so many different options that one can easily get confused and not know which option to pick.

Luckily for you, we did some research and spoke to the experts to find out what are the best MTB gloves on the market today.

The following guide is a result of that research and we hope it’ll bring you that much closer to making an informed purchase.

1. POC Mountain Biking Gloves

These unique gloves from POC feature silicon print brake fingers and a touchscreen-enabled thumb. This helps you operate your smartphone no matter where you may find yourself.

Thanks to the terry cloth layer, you can use these gloves to wipe the sweat off your face when it’s hot and they’re highly breathable and comfortable to wear in warm climates.

Not only that, but these gloves are customized for use in rugged mountainside areas. They’re designed for comfort so you can wear them all day long with no complaints.

The fabric is highly flexible not to mention comfortable, thanks to the ventilated palms and moisture-wicking construction. You can wear them in summer, fall, and winter with the same ease.

  • Well-ventilated
  • Made from moisture-wicking fabric
  • Features terry cloth nose wipe fabric
  • Extra grip with silicon printing
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Flexible
  • The Velcro could be more durable

2. Mechanix Wear Covert Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear has created something truly unique with these mountain bike gloves. They come with such unique features as D30 palm padding which helps your palms to easily absorb high-impact energy.

Then there’s the Nylon web loop. This loop is designed to offer additional storage for those who would like to bring their smartphone or other small gadgets with them.

You’ll be glad to know that no handwashing is required with these gloves, as they are machine wash friendly. These gloves also feature a built-in adhesive padding mechanism designed to absorb impact upon falling.

They’re durable, flexible, and comfortable all at once. The dual-layer reinforcement is the cherry on top as it offers an extra layer of protection against impact.

  • Comes with palm padding
  • Machine washable and flexible
  • Dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement
  • Thermoplastic rubber padding
  • They can feel restrictive around the wrist area
  • The padding isn’t long-lasting

3. Giro DND Mountain Cycling Gloves

Although there’s no shortage of complaints online about the lack of durability of these gloves, this is to be expected considering the price tag at which they’re sold. You simply get what you pay for. But if you’re looking for a pair of gloves to use for one season or trip, then it’s worth looking into them.

Let’s say that you’ve forgotten your gloves at home and you need a pair to enjoy a ride on the mountainside during vacation. These are the gloves to get for that purpose.

They offer excellent protection, albeit for a short period of time, and come with reinforced fingertips for added safety. This is in addition to knuckle flex zones designed to help you enjoy the flexibility and they’re incredibly comfortable thanks to their super modern design with AX suede synthetic leather and super three-panel design.

Not only will these gloves protect you from injuries, but they’re super comfortable to ride in and they’re great for maintaining balance and stability when bike riding.

  • Three-panel design
  • 4-way stretch breathable mesh
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Reinforced fingertips and flex zones
  • Silicone thumbprint for touch screen compatibility
  • Synthetic leather construction
  • It’s not very durable

4. Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves

Made with padded neoprene knuckle fabric, these Dirtpaw gloves from Fox Racing are designed to protect your hands, particularly the knuckles, from impact should you fall.

It’s a great pair of gloves to wear if you’re going biking in rugged terrain somewhere and it’ll definitely keep you safe from any potential hand injuries.

These gloves also feature a thick handlebar grip layer to help keep your hands firmly on the driver’s seat, as it were. Also worth noting is the Clarino padding and a neoprene cuff with a hook-and-loop enclosure. Taken together, these features enable you to enjoy a comfortable and stable ride.

These are the best padded mountain bike gloves as they allow you to retain full movement of your hands through optimal flexibility and durable construction.

  • Made with Clarino padding
  • Stretch polyester
  • Accessible price tag
  • Sturdy material
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • These gloves aren’t suitable for cold climates

5. INBIKE Cycling Gloves

These cycling gloves from INBIKE are designed for rough riding. They feature a fleece lining for comfort and a convenient hook and loop fastener on the wrist area so that it’s easier to put them on and take them off.

This is in addition to internal gel lining which provides further comfort and shock absorption to protect your hands in case of an accident. At the back of the gloves is a reflective ribbon designed to ensure that you remain visible when riding in low light conditions. Thanks to the customized fingers, these gloves are touch screen compatible.

These INBIKE gloves also feature three anti-shock protection layers made from EVA and gel padding. Meanwhile, the wrist tie design is made to keep the gloves in place if you’re riding your bicycle while locking in warmth and keeping your hands from getting numb when it’s cold.

Not only that, but these gloves are windproof as well and there’s anti-slip silicone padding on the palm of the gloves. The padding is designed to enable you to enjoy a precise grip on your bike’s handlebars. Whether you’re into bike motorcycle driving or winter cycling, these are the best winter mountain bike gloves available on the market today.

  • Compatible with touchscreen use
  • Designed to keep hands warm in cold weather conditions
  • Windproof
  • Features reflective ribbon padding
  • Shock-absorbing gel padding
  • There have been complaints of the gloves being unable to handle extremely low temperatures

6. MOREOK Cycling Gloves

Next we have a pair of mountain biking gloves by MEREOK which are constructed from versatile Terry Cloth material.

Not only is this fabric durable but it’s moisture-resistant. This means you can use your gloves to wipe the sweat off your face when you get hot.

The Terry Cloth appears to be blended with breathable microfiber to further reduce sweating while promoting optimal airflow throughout.

Not only that, but these gloves feature a shock-proof system which is designed to protect your hands from dings and scratches in case you fall from your bike. This is in addition to extra padding for comfort and protection.

  • Constructed from breathable material
  • Features shock-absorbing EVS padding
  • Very comfortable
  • Absorbs water and moisture thanks to the Terry Cloth
  • Comes in a number of different designs and colors
  • There have been complaints about a lack of Velcro opening in some of the gloves

7. Arltb Winter Bike Gloves

These mountain biking winter gloves from Arltb are designed for style and comfort. They’re made from a lightweight and soft fabric that relieves pressure on your hands and absorbs moisture to prevent sweating during long rides.

You can rest assured that your hands will remain nice and comfortable while wearing this pair of gloves, thanks to the foam pad technology employed in designing the palm area.

They’re made to reduce friction when bike riding in rough terrain and this is what makes them ideal for use in various outdoor activities and sports.

Not only will you enjoy a comfortable and stable grip with these gloves, but you’ll notice that they offer optimal ventilation at all times. The padded palms are super comfortable and ideal for use in various cycling activities.

  • Designed with elastic full fingers to minimize pain during long rides
  • Foam-padded for optimal performance
  • Great for protecting the hands from dings and scratches
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • They’re not made to last

8. FIRELION Cycling Gloves

These FIRELION cycling gloves are made for the modern-day outdoor enthusiast. They feature touch recognition technology so you can continue to use your phone without taking them off.

There’s a shock-absorbing protecting gen designed to protect your hands from impact should you fall, and adjustable straps to ensure that you enjoy a customized and comfortable fit, as well as optimal wrist support. These gloves are constructed from absorbent microfiber material which is known for its moisture-absorbing qualities. This makes these gloves perfect for use in the summer season.

The unique design on these gloves helps to relieve ulnar nerve pressure thus reducing the amount of nerve pressure that you experience. You’ll notice that while wearing these gloves, it’s much easier to ride your bicycle for long periods of time without your hands feeling tired. This is all thanks to the extra gel padding.

Basically, these gloves are made for comfort and performance. You simply cannot go wrong with them, and the best part is that Firelion offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t like the gloves for some identifiable reason you can return them and get a refund. That’s how confident this company is about their product.

  • Versatile and suitable for a variety of outdoor activities
  • Touch screen compatibility
  • Anti-shock and anti-slip protection
  • Made from breathable material
  • Shock absorption gel
  • Moisture absorbent
  • There have been some complaints about the gel

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Now that you know what are the best mountain bike gloves, let’s take a look at the features that we considered when putting together this list, to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


You know you’re dealing with quality bike gloves when you see synthetic leather palms. That’s because this material is known for its durability and stable grip, as well as its sweat-wicking capabilities.

You’ll also notice that a lot of brands incorporate silicone details and unique patterns on the palms to improve grip and balance. Just keep in mind that not all patterns are made equal. Some will wear out quicker than others. It all depends on the brand and how well-made the glove as a whole is.

Another common feature with biking gloves is a touch-screen thread on the index and thumb fingers which is designed to allow you to comfortably and effectively utilize your smartphone when on the road. They work with varying degrees of success.

Pro tip! If your gloves are refusing to help you use your touchscreen smartphone, lick your finger!


Every glove manufacturer designs their gloves to have a certain fit, so sizing will depend on the particular brand that you’re looking at so you can have an easy time riding your mountain bike for larger riders.

However, the gist of it is that basic measurements are what determine sizing. To get proper measurements, simply measure the widest point of your hand’s circumference coupled with your middle finger’s length.

Thereafter, you can decide whether you want a loose fitting or snug glove because it’s all about personal preference.

The good news is that most gloves are flexible which means that even if they fit nice and snug in the beginning, they might stretch over time.


There are different protection layers featured in every pair of gloves. This padding is typically featured on the palm, fingers, and knuckles.

The type of padding utilized depends on the brand and type of glove you’re looking at. It could be anything, from fully armored mitts to mesh-backed gloves. The ones you pick will depend on your unique riding style as well as the weather patterns of your location.

Lightweight mesh gloves are breathable and typically come with abrasion-resistant features. On the other hand, gloves that come with padding for the fingers and knuckles are designed to protect the hands from impact. They do a great job of this.

Again, the type of padding you choose will depend on your personal preferences and riding style. For the most part, padding comes standard with most MTB gloves.

You know you need padded gloves when your hands always feel sore after going down a steep hill with your bicycle. That’s why it’s recommended that you check out gloves that feature padding specifically on the heel part of the hand to assist with suspension and brake lever grip.


There’s just something about fingerless gloves that just doesn’t sit right with most cyclists.

The main problem they present is the fact that they tend to bunch up and cause a myriad of problems like blisters and discomfort. That’s why the best mountain bike gloves are usually full-fingered ones.

Nose Wipes

Nose wipes are another important feature to look out for in your bike gloves which you might not need if you’re using an exercise bike for your knee.

This feature is usually on the thumb part of the glove and can be made from terry cloth or fleece. Terry cloth is much better by the way because it’s more effective and comfortable.


Well-fitting gloves typically come with an elastic wristband designed to keep the gloves in place.

A Velcro enclosure can also be utilized to keep air from coming in and this is a great feature to have if you plan on cycling in cold weather climates.

Phone Compatibility

Phone-friendly extras are a great feature to have in your gloves, especially if you plan to bring your phone or touchscreen GPS device with you.

These features allow you to utilize such devices without taking off your gloves and include things like a small patch of fabric on the index finger or thumb, etc.


Of course, as with any purchase you want your bike gloves to fit within your budget. Now, there’s a wide pricing spectrum when it comes to gloves and price is often an indicator of qualities but not all the time.

There are more than a few decent quality low-cost gloves and some expensive ones have been shown to have useless extra features.

The most important thing is to ensure that your gloves offer great value for money and some bang for your buck.

You’ll know that you have good quality gloves on your hands (excuse the pun) when you see outstanding customer reviews for them online. This is usually a good indication that the gloves actually work as advertised and are unlikely to let you down.

Benefits of MTB Gloves

Safety is paramount when riding your bicycle, and that’s why you need mountain bike gloves. But, these unique gloves are designed to offer more than just protection.

Most of them come with features that help to keep your hands warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. That’s why you should look out for things like breathability and flexibility.

There’s nothing better than a good quality pair to improve your performance and help you enjoy a comfortable ride. You’ll find that with MTB gloves, it’s easier to take control of your bicycle without freezing your hands off or experiencing numbness.

Plus, they help to ensure that you maintain a firm grip on your bike’s handlebars and you can even wear a mountain bike watch while helping to prevent the development of blisters, bruises, and chafing.


There’s no debate; if you want to enjoy a comfortable and high-performance biking experience, you need good quality mountain bicycle gloves, especially if you plan to go cycling in mountain trails.

But, in our opinion, the best mountain bike gloves for numbness and all-season cycling are the POC Mountain Biking Gloves.

This is because these gloves come with features such as silicon print brake fingers including the thumb which makes it easier to operate your smartphone with your gloves on. They also fit comfortably and are made with breathable terry cloth that you can use to wipe sweat because it’s moisture-wicking.

These customized gloves are also quite flexible and offer extra grip capabilities, thanks to the silicon printing feature. Simply put, this is a great pair of gloves to have for an enjoyable and safe mountain biking experience.

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