Best Single Speed Wheelset in 2022

Looking for the best single speed wheelset? Then you know how important this is when working on your bike, whether you’re replacing your existing fixed-gear model or going for a single-speed bike.

The great thing about a solid single-speed bicycle wheelset is that it can instantly upgrade your bike’s performance, leading to a lightweight and smoother ride.

Best Single Speed Bicycle Wheelset

Read on as we highlight the best fixie wheelsets that are worth the investment so that you don’t end up wasting your time and energy purchasing the wrong product out there.

1. Aeromax Wheelset Review

Aeromax is known for making high-quality bike products and accessories, making them one of the most popular bike manufacturers on the market.

So, if you’re a bike enthusiast then you probably know all about this brand. The Aeromax Alloy Wheelset has features such as 700c clincher wheels which you’ll find to be suitable for dirt trails and the daily commute alike.

These versatile single-speed bike wheelsets can also be utilized for racing purposes due to how durable and versatile they are. They’re well made to maintain optimal form no matter where you find yourself on your journey. Keep in mind that you might need to tighten the spokes in order to keep it in mint condition for longer. However, it has been shown to retain its form effortlessly for long periods of time.

These wheelsets come with adjustable Vuelta Ball Bearing Hubs, skewers, and rim strips for your convenience, and it can accommodate tires that measure 700 x 18 up to 700 x 42.

  • Each wheel is tressed three times to ensure optimal durability and versatility
  • It has the capacity to handle a weight of up to 250 pounds
  • Can make your bike more stable overall
  • 24 spoke alloy rims
  • The rear hub can be a bit tight

2. State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear 700c Track Wheels

Next up in our quest for the best 29er single speed disc wheelset, we have this State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear Track Wheels. As the name implies, it comes with a rim that’s 40mm in depth and 700c in size with a rare wheel to boot.

You’ll find that it’s super easy to maneuver it thanks to its 16 T fixed cog flip flop hub, while the puncture-proof tubes come with a convenient and durable nylon rim strip that keeps the wheelset safe while riding through rough terrain.

On the front and back wheels, you’ve got a hub that has a gap of between 100 to 120mm. For best results, be sure to purchase Presta valve-fitted road tires that measure 700x23c or 700x25c if you want to get the most out of this wheelset. Keep in mind that this wheelset features sealed rear hubs that make it easier to speed through different surfaces. Then you’ve got stainless steel spokes that weigh 14g and measure 270mm.

It’s important to note that this wheelset comes with four 100mm spokes while the back and front wheels weigh 3 to 2 pounds respectively. Then you’ve got the built-in rim which measures 40mm and is made from 700c alloy.

  • Comes with a flip flop hub for easy maneuverability
  • The back hubs come with sealed bearings
  • Features lightweight wheels on the back and front
  • Offers lots of hub space
  • Comes with puncture protection in the form of nylon rim strips
  • We wish the bearing cover was made from better quality materials

3. Retrospec Mantra 700c Single-Speed Wheelset

The Retrospec Mantra has a lot going for it, such as a braking surface, a double wall Super Deep V Rim, and a pair of tools that’ll come in handy when it comes to keeping your bike wheels strong.

It enables you to achieve better lateral stiffness on the back single speed MTB wheel thanks to the deep cross-section, and it sports a 42-millimeter lightweight alloy construction with an outer width that measures 21mm and an inner width of 14mm.

The great thing about the deep V feature is that it makes it easier for heavy-set bikers to enjoy the ride without worrying that their bike will buckle under pressure and you can improve the wheelset’s overall maneuverability.

Other features worth mentioning in this single-speed 700c wheelset are the high-flange sealing hubs, which make for a more long-lasting product, and the braking surface is very agreeable. This will give you peace of mind when traveling at high speeds. Keep in mind that this set is fitted with 16 teeth which means that it can handle flat surfaces effortlessly.

  • Comes in different colors
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • Features complimentary Kenda Kwest Tires
  • 43mm lightweight alloy
  • Doesn’t have the best brake track

How to Get the Best Single Speed Wheelset 700c

Now that you know what the best fixed gear wheelset is with a good fixed gear crankset, it’s time to take a look at some important considerations that you’ll need to make while shopping for new fixie wheels to ensure that you end up with a set that’s perfect for your needs and preferences.

Type of Tires

The following are terms that you are most likely to encounter when searching for the best single speed wheels:

Clincher Tires

The clincher tire is wildly popular because it offers high-performance value and actual value for money. If safety is important to you then you’ll want to consider a clincher tire. The best part is that it comes highly recommended for kids and any kind of novice who’s new to biking.

Tubeless Tires

Unlike the clincher with its inner tube and the tubular with its built-in tube, this type of tire doesn’t come with a tube at all. It’s also heavier than the other two options which means that it can handle a lot of abuse and daily use in rough terrain.

Tubular Tires

Lightweight fixie wheels have a complex design that makes it difficult to set up for novice bikers. However, it is lightweight and desirable because of that and it has a convenient round shape that doesn’t necessarily clinch to the wheel. Not only that but the tubular tires come with a sewn-in tube.


For best results, make sure to pick single speed mountain bike wheelsets that are made to last. Look out for materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber, with the general rule of thumb being that you want lightweight durability.


Bicycle wheels come in three main types, namely deep-section wheels, mid-section wheels, and shallow section wheels.

Deep wheels make it easier to go fast on your bike and they’re perfect for racing bikes while shallow wheels are typically preferable to beginners.


Most wheelsets come with either a carbon or aluminum braking surface with the most popular one being the aluminum type because it does a better job of bringing your bike to a stop when you need it to.


So, what’s the verdict? What’s the best single-speed wheelset? In our opinion, the Aeromax Alloy Wheelset Road Bike Comp 700c Wheels offers the best value for money for a number of different reasons.

For one, this wheelset has 700c clincher wheels that are versatile enough to handle different applications, durable construction, and adjustable Vuelta ball bearing hubs, skewers, as well as rim strips for your convenience.

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