Best Tricycle for Adults with Disabilities in 2022

Are you looking for the best tricycle for adults with disabilities? Good for you! That means you’re looking to improve your physical health and fitness while participating in the joy that comes with cycling. It’s one of the most fun ways to get in your exercise!

The best part is that these bikes are available in different sizes to suit people of different weights and heights. So, you’re guaranteed to find an option that meets your needs! Read on to find out more.

Best Tricycles for Disabled Adults

Here’s the best tricycle for adults with disabilities:

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike

Bikes bring fun for the whole family, from your six-year-old to grandma! So, just because you’ve lost some of your faculties doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a bike ride every now and then. Or even every day, with the ones you love.

To help you do just that, the Schwinn Meridian Adult Bike is super stable and easy to ride! It comes with retro styling to make sure that you stand out. It’s structured in a way that will keep you balanced no matter what. We love the large mesh basket which is attached to this bike. You can use it to store valuables supplies and gear for your trip. That way, you won’t have to carry a backpack or anything that could throw you off balance.

This is a great bike to use for daily commuting as well, especially on those nice summer days when you don’t feel like driving your car and getting stuck in traffic.

  • The three wheels provide optimal stability
  • It’s lightweight and rides smooth and easy
  • Comes with a great braking system that brings it to a stop immediately
  • It offers great value for money
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Squeaky seat can be annoying when going over rough terrain

2. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Handicapped Adults

Here we have a 3 wheeled bike for disabled which is a recumbent bike. Unlike most other recumbent bikes, it’s much lighter and thus easier to keep it stable. You’ll find that it’s easy to maintain optimal posture on this bike thanks to its unique steering mechanism.

It takes less of a strain on your arms and shoulders and its chainless free-wheel design makes it very visually appealing. The frame is low to the ground but fully adjustable. It’s complemented by a cushy bike seat and reliable caliper hand brake.

This is the perfect bike to use for recreational purposes but we wouldn’t advise going uphill with it because it only has one gear as mentioned. You should also avoid taking it out in rainy and muddy conditions due to its low frame that makes it super close to the ground. Simply put, this motorized tricycle for handicapped individuals is a great recumbent bike for enthusiastic cyclists, including kids and adults alike.

  • It’s proudly made in the US
  • Great customer support
  • The low center of gravity makes for optimal stability
  • Straightforward and unique mechanical design
  • It has a stylish and beautiful design
  • It’s built to last from durable materials
  • It doesn’t work great when going uphill
  • Can’t go at high speeds

3. Tri-Rad Adult Unisex Folding Tricycle

One of the best tricycles for disabled adults, the Mantis Tri-Rad is also one of the most comfortable options on this list. This foldable bike is easy to store and transport, making it an ideal addition to your cargo when taking that family camping trip. You can use it to run errands too.

It sports a convenient 35″L x 30″W x 31″D foldable frame, not to mention its low-cut frame which is designed to accommodate the sharp parking brakes. You’ll find that because of its design, this bike is perfect for shopping trips because you can easily put things on and take them off without much of a struggle.

The best part about this bike is that it’s suitable for adults as well as children 12 years and up. So really, you could share it with the whole family! That’s why we think it’s the best special needs tricycle for adults.

  • It comes with ring bells that are so loud that no-one in traffic will miss you coming
  • Comes with a fender to keep muck and mud from splashing onto your clothes
  • Features flexible foldable handlebars
  • It’s great for leisurely riding and grocery shopping
  • Offers enough resistance to help you get the most out of your exercise
  • You do need some skills in order to assemble the bike into place
  • You can’t benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty if the bike gets motorized

What Are Tricycles?

Now that we’ve gone over the best electric tricycle for adults with disabilities it’s time to take a closer look at what makes tricycles so ideal.

First of all, tricycles are so-called because they have three wheels, otherwise they are just like any other bike. Three wheel bicycles for handicapped people are a lot of fun and can be a great source of fitness as well.

But, it’s important to note that these types of bikes are available in different types and each one has something different to offer.

Types of Adult Tricycles

What is the best tricycle for adults? Here are the different types of tricycles for handicapped adults that you have to choose from:

Recumbent Tricycles

What makes recumbent bikes so unique is the fact that they have both a low center of gravity and low aerodynamic drag. But, they’re also pricier than most other types of trikes because of the number of features and the material that’s used to make them.

They also offer low seats for easy entry but this can also be a disadvantage because it reduces your visibility in traffic.

Upright Large Tricycle for Special Needs Adults

Upright cycles look very similar to a regular, traditional two-wheel bike in that they come with widely spaced rear wheels.

These types of bikes often come with customized handlebars as well for steering purposes, and these are usually attached to the front wheel for ease of use. It’s worth noting that this type of three wheeler bike for handicapped has a high center of gravity as well. This means that you should be careful when riding them or else you might easily lose your balance.

On the plus side, upright bicycles make it easier to be seen by other bike drivers, car drivers, and people on the road.

Special Purpose Tricycles

As the name implies, this type of handicap tricycle for disabled persons is made for a special purpose. As such, it’s constructed from weatherproof materials to protect you from the elements and they often feature storage compartments to help you carry stuff more effectively.

Children Tricycles

As the name implies, this type of trike for disabled adults is designed for children and it’s the perfect first bike for your little one.

Freight Trikes

This is an industrial type of trike that’s designed to carry large loads.

Benefits of Tricycles

Disability trikes for adults come with the following benefits:

Are Safer Than Regular Bicycles

Trikes are much safer than regular bikes for those with disabilities thanks to the way they’re designed.

They have a low center of gravity same as mini bikes for adults which makes them accessible and are also usually very durable and made to last, making them a worthy investment.

They Don’t Discriminate

Next, trikes are the best alternative for people who cannot ride a regular bike due to physical challenges, whether it’s due to a hereditary disability or because of an accident.

Trikes are also fantastic for senior citizens who want to stay active without the risk of using a more demanding traditional bike. 

Offer Great Stability

Trikes have three wheels which give you a more balanced platform to ride on.  This makes it easier even for the most physically challenged person to enjoy rugged trails, hilly terrain, graveled surfaces, and wet roads with relative ease.

You too can go out and enjoy cycling events with friends without worrying about falling or wobbling all over the place.

Have Storage Space

Another benefit of riding a trike is that it will most likely come with a large basket for you to store all of your goodies in. No matter how many water bottles, beach towels, or pets you bring, there will always be space for them!

Help Exercise Outdoors

Trikes allow you to get outdoors and get some much-needed exercise. They can also be very challenging because using a trike requires the use of your entire body, not just your legs.

You can say hello to toned arms now that you’re riding your trike, and the backrest is wide enough to sit back and rest in between hills.

Tricycles vs Bicycles

The thing about trikes is that they have the same use as a normal bike. But, they are way more accessible for people with physical challenges as a result of a disability or injury.

Basically, anyone who’s unable to ride a traditional, two-wheel bike can benefit from a trike. They can be utilized for fun, for exercise, and for daily commuting as well.


We brought you the best tricycle for adults with disabilities so that you can make an informed decision based on a more narrowed down list. If you were to ask for our advice on which option is the best out of the lot, it would definitely be the Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike.

There’s a lot to like about this trike, including its superior construction, stability, and smooth-riding ability. It also offers reliable and powerful brakes and it’s really easy to assemble.

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