Best Water Bottle Cage for Your Bike in 2021

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As a cyclist, there are a couple of features on your bike that make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable. One of such features is a water bottle cage.

These cages might seem like they aren’t so important, but they actually are. You won’t want your water bottle dangling uncomfortably on your bike, or across your body.

There are different simple bottle cage designs, and here we will focus on the best water bottle cage. A good bottle cage should be able to securely hold it while you ride along different trails or paths. These products should also be available at pocket-friendly prices.

Eventually, your final choice of bottle cage would be determined by your individual preference, available budget, and needs. Keep reading to find out more about wonderful water bottle cages on the market.

What is the Best Water Bottle Cage?

In order to buy the best water bottle cage there are certain things that should be considered. We have taken the time to review the top water bottle cages available for you.

1. Ibera Aluminum Bottle Cage

The first product in this review is the Ibera Aluminum Bottle Cage. This is a quality product that’s usually sold in a pair of bottle-holding cages. If you want a cage that’s so light you won’t even feel it, this is a perfect choice for you. It weighs less than a pound. The cage is fabricated from quality aluminum material. Water bottles with a radius of 1.5 inches can snugly sit inside this cage.

This Ibera product comes with the necessary screw set needed to securely install the cage on your bike. Setting up the cage is also simple and straightforward. The unit has a sideways orifice that allows significantly large bottles to sit nicely within the cage.

The cage can support weights of up to 1.75-lbs. It’s equipped with holes that usually match the existing bottle cage bolts on bike frames; you still need to have thread holes on the bicycle’s frame.

The downside with this product is its tendency to damage the coating on your bottle’s exterior through scratching actions. Also, bottles that aren’t big enough would shake loosely within the cage as you ride along rough trails, and the manufacturers could make the cage a bit more flexible.

  • The cage is available in various hues
  • Setting up the cage is a simple and fast process
  • Sold at a budget-friendly price
  • Durable design
  • May worn out

2. Blackburn Outpost Bottle Cage

If you want something that offers you great quality at a fair price, this unit is for you. Not only does it have a cool name, but it also has features that make it suitable for different bikes.

The cage has a 0.2-inch metal extension, and 3 threaded holes, that can be customized in different ways to fit onto various bike frames. This sturdy product has a simple and straightforward setup process. Also, you won’t have to worry about the frame getting corroded – thanks to a thoughtful layer of metallic sand pigment.

The Blackburn Outpost is made more versatile with synthetic straps that can be used to secure other items, apart from water bottles, to your bike’s frame. The straps can be adjusted to firmly grip different shapes and sizes. There’s also a rubberized feature on these straps to give them good traction.

Unlike some other rival products, this one isn’t sold along with a set of screws for installation. It’s also a pricey product, and the straps can be inconvenient in certain situations. However, this unit is still a quality product that earned its place in our review of the best water bottle cage.

  • Equipped with 3 mounting holes for improved versatility
  • Comes with adjustable strap for securing bottles and other items to the bike
  • Designed with a 6mm alloy tube
  • Synthetic
  • It’s too pricey for a water bottle cage

3. USHAKE Water Bottle Cages

The USHAKE Bottle Cage is a quality product that deserves a place in this review of the best water bottle cage. This unit is manufactured to satisfy high standards and securely hold your bottle while cycling. The product has a definitive cage design.

Its metallic frame is coated in black paint. Setting up this unit isn’t a problem. It comes with a set of screws that are used to firmly attach the cage to your bicycle’s body. You don’t need to start looking for another tool to secure the screws, since the package comes with a nice 4mm hex key.

The cage is a long-lasting product, and is also light-weight, thanks to the fine aluminum alloy material that it’s fabricated from.

You should take note of the fact that your bike’s frame would need to be fitted with thread holes before you can securely attach the cage. The USHAKE Water Cage can support weights of about 1.625 lbs, and bottles with a max radius of 1.5 inches.

  • Lightweight – just 61g
  • Simple and straightforward setup
  • Warranty of 10 years
  • Compactly holds water bottles
  • Fits bottles up to 3” in diameter
  • Long-lasting aluminum alloy material
  • This product cannot work on all bikes
  • Cage cannot be installed without drilling thread holes through bike’s frame

4. Anjoy Full Carbon Fiber Bike Bottle Cage

If you want a product that offers great quality at a fair price, this one’s for you. Just as the name implies, this unit is ultra-lightweight.

It’s also a sturdy product whose original form won’t be compromised even in the event of intense use. The cage is also made from materials that won’t rust.

There are no complications when making use of this cage. You can easily secure your bottle inside the cage, and can also conveniently access it when you need a drink. Apart from having a firm grip on the water bottle, this unit also keeps the bottle adequately balanced to avoid spills and wastage.

When it comes to carbon-fabricated items, this product deserves some consideration for the title of the best carbon water bottle cage. The cage’s structure is also attractive and portable. Additionally, setting up this product is a simple and straightforward process.

  • Comes in an attractive black color that easily blends with different bikes
  • It doesn’t rust
  • Has an extensive top for securely gripping water bottle
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Excellent bolt-hole design
  • Considering how light-weight the cage is, some feel it might not last long

5. Elite Custom Race Bottle Cage

The Elite Custom Race Bottle Cage is a wonderful tool for securing your bottle to the bike frame. It has been designed to keep a firm grip on the water bottle when riding along the bumpiest path.

You can hardly feel the weight of this cage – thanks to the fiber-reinforced polyamide that it’s fabricated from. The Elite Custom Race Bottle Cage is a long-lasting product, and buyers get to pick from its different available hues.

Making use of this product isn’t a problem; you can conveniently secure your bottle in the cage, and also access it easily when you need a drink.

However, this product has its own disadvantages. The Elite Custom Race Bottle Cage isn’t the lightest bottle cage on the market. So bikers that care very much about light-weight attachments might want to go for something else. Additionally, the cage doesn’t have a good grip on bottles made of aluminum and steel.

  • Equipped with an elastomer adjuster to securely hold bottles on bumpiest trails
  • Sold in different colors, including Black
  • It’s manufactured in Italy
  • Composite material bottle cage
  • There’s a chance the package is already damaged on arrival

6. TOSEEK Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cage

This is a product that has been manufactured to satisfy high standards. It’s capable of securely gripping your bottle on the bumpiest rides to avoid spills and wastage.

The bulk of this product’s frame is made from carbon fiber material. Because of that, you won’t be bothered with this product’s weight – as it is light-weight at just 24g. The TOSEEK Carbon Fiber Bottle Cage is also a long-lasting unit that resists rust and heavy-duty usage.

The bottle cage has an attractive contemporary design, and is available in different hues. When you need to take a drink, accessing the bottle within the cage is simple and convenient.

  • Ultra-lightweight unit
  • Made with a wrapped arm design
  • Available in different hues
  • Firmly grips large bottles
  • Made for convenient use
  • Isn’t well suited for mountain bikes

7. Wiel Full Carbon Bottle Cage Holder

If you’re searching for the best mountain bike water bottle cage, you shouldn’t overlook this product. It has an aesthetic design that makes it fit attractively on different bikes. The cage is available in color pairs – red with black and black with silver. Both combinations are excellently crafted.

Considering the quality offered by this bottle cage, it’s made available at a fair price. The unit’s weight can be barely felt, as it’s made from light-weight carbon fiber. The bottle holder is also structured in such a way that it can withstand intense use without getting bent out of shape.

Additionally, the product doesn’t rust and it remains durable. This means that you won’t need to buy a new bottle cage holder every time.

The downside associated with this unit is that it doesn’t securely hold water bottles with small sizes; hence such bottles might bounce around and spill their content. Regardless of that, the cage can be easily accessed when you need to take a sip out of your refill bottle.

  • Designed for bottles of 2.9 inches in diameter
  • Comes with a pair of mounting screws
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Requires drilling of holes
  • The cage has a blend of 2 colors
  • Poor grip on smaller water bottles

8. 50 Strong Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

This is a quality unit that doesn’t weigh much and is made from long-lasting plastic material. Installing the cage is a simple and straightforward process. For those who care about aesthetics and variance, this product is sold in pairs. You get to choose from 4 different hues – white, pink, black, and blue.

The manufacturers of this unit have ensured that it’s able to snugly fit a reasonable range of water bottle sizes. With this cage’s plastic frame, your bottle’s fine coat of paint wouldn’t get scraped. The cage is also built with a certain level of pliability that makes it easier to reach in and grab your bottle.

However, just like many other products, this one also has its own disadvantages. Bikers that opt for this unit will need to purchase a set of screws separately for installing the cage on their bike. Additionally, there’s a possibility of your water bottle falling out of place when cycling along a rough trail.

  • Works well for a wide range of bottle sizes
  • Simple and straightforward setup process
  • Light-weight unit
  • Package includes unlimited warranty
  • Not all of them are sturdy enough

How to Find the Best Water Bottle Cage

There are a couple of things which you must consider when looking for a good quality bottle cage. 

They are:


The material used to make the cage cannot be ignored. Some water bottles are made from steel, some aluminum, some carbon fiber, and others from plastic.

This usually affects its durability and resistance to corrosion. The cage’s material also determines how light or heavy its weight will be.

Whatever your material of choice is, make sure that the cage is able to withstand use on rough terrain, and that it’s capable of firmly gripping your bottle all through the ride.


If you care much about looks and design, you’d have a lot of good options to pick from. There are different sizes, shapes, and color blends on water bottle cages.

Some brands are only available in a single color while others have multiple color options. Based on personal preference, you can make a final choice.


If you want to buy the best bottle cage, you cannot overlook its grip. A cage holder with poor grip is basically useless – it will only leave you with spilled water or drinks.

There are different features that are put in place to ensure that the cage can firmly grip your bottle even when you’re cycling along a rough trail.

Usually, plastic-based or carbon fiber cages grip bottles around the body. Other contemporary cage designs integrate both body and neck grips to securely hold the bottle in place during the bumpiest rides.

For instance, due to the rough nature of mountainous terrains, the best water bottle cage for mountain bike must have an excellent grip.


When it comes to mounting your bottle cage on the bike’s frame, there are different approaches to getting that done. Some cages are made with installation holes – about 2 or 3.

These holes, along with a set of screws and threaded bike holes are used to securely hold the cage in place. There are also cages that are installed with the aid of adjustable straps.


The whole idea of having a bottle cage is to ensure that you can get a drink on the go. However, before this can be possible, the cage holder must be designed and installed in such a way that it’s easily accessible.

Also, the cage is meant to be placed in a position that won’t obstruct you while riding along trails. Hence, the perfect bottle cage should be easy to access when you need a sip while riding.

Regardless of what kind of biking you’re into, accessibility is always a priority. For instance, if you’re into road biking, the best water bottle cage for road bike should have good accessibility.


The weight of your desired bottle cage is also a key factor to be considered. The type of cycling you do, and its requirements, would really determine how heavy a cage attachment is allowed to be.

A relatively weighty cage might not seem like a problem until you fit a filled-up bottle inside – this adds to the existing weight of the cage, and may slow you down.

However, there’s a possibility that an ultra-lightweight bottle cage won’t be capable of tightly securing your bottle on bumpy rides.


Cage size would directly determine the size of the bottle that can be securely fitted inside. The best cages should be designed to firmly grip different water bottle sizes.

Water bottle cage holders can also be installed on the bike’s frame in different ways. You need to be careful when installing the cage so that it doesn’t end up obstructing you while riding.

If you’re constantly making use of a particular bottle size, you can purchase a cage holder that perfectly matches that size. However, if you’d like to change bottle sizes frequently, it’s better to go for a more versatile cage option.

There are cages that have adjustable grip features, which ensure that different bottle shapes and sizes are securely held in place.


According to us, the best water bottle cage is the Ibera Aluminum Water Bottle Cage.

It weighs less than a pound and is made from quality aluminum material. Water bottles with a radius of 1.5 inches can snugly sit inside this cage.

This Ibera product comes with the necessary screw set needed to securely install the cage on your lightweight bike. Setting up the cage is also simple and straightforward. The cage can support weights of up to 1.75-lbs.

Summarily, this is a product that deserves a place on your list of biking accessories.

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