Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under 300 Dollars in 2021

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Mountain biking is picking up, as more people realize the fun it brings. But, if you’re new to mountain biking, then you might not be particularly keen on the idea of spending so much money on your first bike, especially since you’re still starting out and perhaps haven’t even decided if you’re going to commit to the sport long term. That’s why we’ve put together a list to show you the best women’s mountain bike under 300 dollars.

Truth is, there are plenty of cheap mountain bikes out there which are designed specifically for women which means that they are comfortable and high-performance enough to carry you through those first few years of mountain biking.

Then, once you’ve fallen in love with the sport, you can invest in a more expensive high-end model or simply move onto another activity. Either way, we’re sure you’ll find value in the following guide to the best budget women’s mountain bike.

Best Cheap Women’s Mountain Bike

The key to finding the best women’s mountain bike under 300 is to consider a wide range of options and then take your pick from there.

For the most part, you must ensure that the bike is the right combination of comfort, durability, and safety.

The good news is that the following bikes totally fit the bill:

1. Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s Mountain Bike

Mongoose is a famous name in the bike manufacturing industry and they’ve once again released what’s considered to be the best cheap women’s mountain bike.

It’s notable for its unique aluminum frame which has been fitted with hydroformed tubing and a powerful suspension fork to boot.

It also comes with a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur as well as 2.125” wide tires with strong alloy rims and reliable V-brakes on the front and rear for your safety and convenience. Shifting between gears is just as effortless even on trails.

The only downside with this bike is the fact that it comes with a small amount of drag which we didn’t expect because it’s not something that you often come across in Mongoose bikes.

  • Comes with high quality 21-speed shifters
  • Features riser handlebar with colored end plugs
  • Brakes on the front and back
  • Made from lightweight yet durable aluminum
  • To be fair, it’s mid-priced

2. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

This model comes with an SR Suntour suspension fork to keep you comfortable on the road, a Shimano 7 speed rear derailleur with an alloy crank and an SRAM grip shifter for smooth riding.

The frame is made from durable yet lightweight aluminum and it comes with reliable disc brakes which are some of the most powerful on the market, while the alloy brakes will bring the bike to a stop within a moment’s notice if you want to.

To make sure that you don’t feel the impact when going through rough terrain, this bike has been fitted with 26-inch alloy wheels which are lightweight allowing the bike to weigh only 48 pounds. As such, it’s also portable and easy to travel with.

  • Super easy to maintenance
  • Made with tires that are designed to handle different types of terrain
  • Comes with alloy linear-pull brakes
  • Height adjustable
  • It’s very responsive thanks to the front suspension fork
  • Constructed from a durable yet lightweight aluminum frame
  • How well made the bike is depends on the model

3. 27.5″ Royce Union RMT All-Terrain Mountain Bike

Considered to be the best women’s mountain bike under 300, this model comes with a star-studded cast of high-quality features and components.

These include a 21-speed Revoshift Shimano drivetrain, a Shimano tourney indexed derailleur, a padded seat, and adjustable angle and height to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable ride regardless of your height.

This is in addition to the bike’s 27.5-inch wheels which don’t offer as much resistance as a mountain bike’s tires, while also enabling this bike to perform effortlessly on smooth and gravel roads alike.

The wheels are complemented by machine alloy rims with high-quality brake pads to keep you safe on the road. Then you have the cherry on top Krayton grips and pedals.

  • High-quality brake pads
  • Machined alloy wheel rims
  • 27.5-inch wheels
  • Comes with all the tools you’ll need to quickly assemble it
  • Hardtail frame constructed from rust-free aluminum
  • Not the best quality overall

How to Pick the Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under 300

What makes for the best mountain bike for beginner females?

There are quite a few considerations to make, including keeping in mind the following important features:


The bike frame is the foremost defining factor of the whole thing, so you want to make sure that it’s made from the best quality materials that are easy to work with.

This includes carbon fiber and alloy which are popular but expensive. Aluminum is in the midrange price-wise and it’s nice and lightweight, just like carbon fiber.

As you may have noticed, the most affordable bikes are often made from steel frames because this material is cheap to come by while being durable, but it’s also heavy.


Your bike’s shock suspension plays a huge role in how safe and enjoyable it is to ride.

A bike with front and back suspension will usually be comfortable to ride even in bumpy conditions because the suspension will absorb all of the shocks for you so you don’t feel a thing.


Pedals are what make it possible to ride your bike in the first place, enabling you to move it in your preferred direction.

There are four different types of pedals including clipless, toe clip, advanced and basic platform.

The latter two options are often recommended as a safe option for newbie riders while clipless pedals are oriented more towards experienced riders, but they are also very useful in wet conditions.


When it comes to brakes, V brakes are the most affordable and easy to use but installing them often means replacing the pads and cables too.

Disc brakes are the most powerful brakes around and are rather complex, but they are incredibly reliable and long-lasting. They will even save you in wet conditions.


You should be able to modify the brakes on your bike whenever you like.

Mountain bikes are available in various gear options from 1 to 30, while the average mountain bike will often come with three chainrings.


If your plan is to take your bike everywhere and be able to go through rough and difficult terrain then you’ll want large wheels. Most mountain bikes come with wheels that measure 26”, 27”, or 29”.

So long as your bike comes with adjustable handlebars and seats, it doesn’t matter how large the wheels are, you won’t feel uncomfortable because of your height or lack thereof.


The rims are located underneath the tires and because they are usually thick, they require close attention to detail to make sure that you pick the correct thickness level.

On average most rims measure between 26mm to 30mm. going below this measurement range can lower your bike’s ability to handle difficult terrain while wide rims offer far better traction overall.


When it comes to tires, you get to choose between mid-fat, wide, and plus-size categories. They range between 2.3-2.6 inches and 2.8-3 inches in measurements.

Tires determine the bike’s ability to hold its own when going up or downhill or when facing friction.


If you plan on finding the best women’s mountain bike under 300 then you should also consider its chainring situation.

There are usually a couple of chain wheels on the front gear but it is not as commonly used as the rear gear. The rear derailleur is usually larger but both work together to shift the chain from wheel to wheel.

Biking Tips for Women

If you’re new to mountain biking and want to find out how to make the most of your bike once you’ve purchased it, keep reading to find out how you can maximize the fun on your first and subsequent rides:

Get the Bike Fitted

It’s worth it to get your bike fitted just to make sure that it’s suitable for your unique frame and riding style.

Wear the Right Cycling Clothing

If you want to enjoy your ride, make sure to wear breathable clothes that don’t chafe. This means high-quality cycling shorts and you might want to skip the underwear in order to reduce the risk of chafing.

Besides, cycling shorts are designed to go against the skin, while rigid shoes will help keep the pressure off the hips and legs.

Pick a Good Saddle

Make sure that your bike comes with a quality saddle that’s padded yet perfectly shaped to fit your derriere and remain comfy over longer periods of time.

Check the Handlebar Width

Your bike’s handlebars should be wide enough to be comfortable without being too wide.

Get a Pair of Quality Headphones

It’s nice to listen to music while cycling so it might be worth it to invest in some high-quality headphones that are comfortable.

Best Mountain Bike Brands for Women Under $300

The following three brands are where you should look when searching for the best women’s mountain bike under 300:


Mongoose was founded in 1974 by bike enthusiast Skip Hess with the Moto One Mag.

This was a unique and stronger wheel than traditional mag wheels making for some of the best BMX bikes on the market, which is what Mongoose went on to be known for.

However, they’ve since manufactured one of the best full suspension mountain bike frames around so it’s safe to say that theirs is a special touch.


Huffy was founded in the year 1887 in Ohio and the brand has always been known for making the best entry-level bikes.

It still maintains that reputation today, despite having manufactured quite a few high-end bikes successfully as well.


Schwinn is another famous bike manufacturer whose heritage goes back to 1895 Chicago where the company was founded by a German immigrant named Ignaz Schwinn.

This brand became famous for its Klunkers, the nickname given to Schwinn bikes which are known to be made from the best components available. It’s probably why Schwinn bikes are some of the best-selling ever.

Is It Worth It to Spend More?

For the most part, there’s usually very little difference between bikes of varying prices. That’s why it’s probably not advisable to blow your budget on an expensive bike if you’re a beginner.

This is especially the case if you’re only jumping a few hundred dollars in price. You won’t notice much difference between a $300 model and a $500 one and the features are negligible to a beginner.

Besides, you can always upgrade your bike later if you feel like it and if you can afford it. Or you could even purchase a whole new bike that will cater to your newfound skills and experience because it’s true that your needs change when you become an advanced cyclist.

So, yes, you can start with an affordable $300 bike and then upgrade it with individual features and components later on to improve its performance. But, you should only do this when you need it and not because you just want to look good.

Only get features that you understand and know how to use and that’s how you slowly increase your bike’s value and performance organically over time, after having started with a modestly priced model.

Remember to take care of your bike and it will take care of you too.


Now that you know what the best women’s mountain bike under 300 is, go out there and cop yourself a new bike. If you’d like one more recommendation, we’d be happy to recommend the Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s Mountain Bike.

Not only is it made by one of the best manufacturers in the business, but this bike stands out because of its lightweight yet durable aluminum frame, front and rear brakes, a raised handlebar, and of course, the 21-speed shifters.

What more could you ask for?

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