How to Find the Best Bike Paths Near Me

Are you bored with your regular biking routes and want to change things up? Did the monotonous scenery have you questioning what other bike paths near me can I take?

Well, we see you typing in ‘bike trails near my location’ or ‘cycle trails near me’ every now and then, and we’ve compiled this article to help you find the perfect answer for your quest. 

You might be surprised with how many areas are left unexplored around you and how your adventure to find the best paved biking trails near me can turn out to be the best biking experience you’ve had in a while.

Here are our top tips and tricks for when we’re left puzzled with the “cycling trails near me” rendezvous!

How Can I Find the Bike Paths Near Me?

Certain areas around every town and city can satisfy your need to find bike paths near me. While we have also been on the hunt with you to find new road bike trails near me, we’ve come up with our nifty set of tips and tricks that have helped us refresh our cycling experience.

Here are some techniques you can use to find new biking routes around you and get a renewed experience around your local areas. Let’s dive in!

Taking the Unfamiliar Route

Instead of taking your usual route when biking, try taking a turn you don’t usually take. The risks of unknown roads and the thrill of viewing new scenery can always make up a memorable experience. 

So, if you’re out here wondering what other bicycle trails near me exist then this is the easiest way to switch things up without going on an extensive hunt. 

If you do happen to get lost with all the strange twists and turns, be sure to have a map on you or just use your phone to take you back home. This method won’t only create a refreshing experience, but will also help you find unknown places in your very own local areas or you can use a bike GPS tracker.

Take a Stroll on Google Street View

Let’s say you’re not too keen on getting lost with all those unfamiliar twists and turns, that’s alright! Google Street View can be the one to do that for you. 

Through Google Street View, you can take a look around your local areas as if you’re experiencing it in real life. This not only helps you plan out new routes but also gives you a good idea of what your experience will feel like. 

You can also use Google Bike Maps if you’re looking to find more “bike trails around me.” Through this app, you can get actual bike trails instead of just a random connection of streets. This is pretty helpful for cyclists that prefer particular types of biking experiences.

Cycling Apps Are Your Best Friend

You must be wondering what other apps are there to help me find bike trails close to me, and we hear you! Cycling apps are a great way to find certified biking trails that are popular in your area amongst local cyclists.

Some popular apps we recommend are:

  • Map My Ride: Map My Ride is a popular app for cyclists with over 70 million bike routes present in its system. This app will help you find bike trails for a quick stroll, intense biking sessions, and even mountain biking. The social media component in this app allows you to interact with local bikers so you can meet up and enjoy your biking time with them.
  • TrailLink: Trail Link is a subscription-based app that offers American cyclists 25,000 miles of certified bike trails. This interactive app allows you to take an in-depth view of the viable routes around you, share photos and also submit new courses that you may discover. All in all, this is a great fix to your vigorous “bike trails close to me” search. 
  • Another subscription-based site, Trails allows you to search through the extensive database of 52,000 miles with comprehensive guides and route descriptions. This app isn’t only useful for bike trails but also for hiking, trekking, and even picnic spots with a great view.

Join Your Local Cycling Club

If all the above options still haven’t fulfilled the requirements for your “new bike trail near me” quest, then this option may work out for those extroverted cyclists. 

Look for local cycling clubs or cycling groups and join them! This experience won’t only make the cycling experience more fun but also help you discover new routes within your area that you never knew of. 

Local cycling clubs are filled with people that have comprehensive knowledge about the area and are well acquainted with all sorts of routes and turns to spice up their everyday cycling routine. 

All the members combined will have a rundown for each and every turn in your local area. Joining cycling clubs will save you from the puzzling quest for finding new trails every now and then and every day will be a fun experience while you ride away.

Cycling Tips When Testing Out New Routes

While your “bike paths near me” adventure can be thrilling, it’s important to keep specific tips in mind before setting up for your new experience.

Here’s our essential checklist before taking a new biking route:

  • Pack up on the essential tools and equipment to save yourself from unforeseen circumstances.
  • Take a physical OS map with you. Yes, phone maps are useful, but if you’re stuck in an area with no signal, you might get lost. Always best to keep an OS map with you with full knowledge about how to read them.
  • Keep a full stash of food and water with you to keep you energized throughout the ride with your budget touring bikes
  • Don’t be scared to venture out into new areas and try to develop a more open perspective to new locations.
  • Make sure that you’re wearing comfortable clothing with an extra jacket in case it gets chilly.
  • Always share the location for your general biking area with someone you can rely on. Just in case you get lost, they will be right there to save you.


We hope we’ve helped you find the answer to your “bike paths near me” search through this article.

Do not be afraid to venture out but always make sure you’re taking the appropriate safety measures. Happy cycling!

Shailen Vandeyar

A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to plant trees and play with my pet bunny when not out cycling through the best routes, reviewing the latest gear, and sharing tips on everything biking.

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