Brooks C17 vs C15 Saddles Compared in 2021

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One important component of your bike is the saddle which is also called the seat. That’s the part of your bicycle where you rest your bottom.

The saddle is an important part of your bike because it will determine to a large extent how comfortable your ride will be. If your bike saddle is uncomfortable, you can end up with sores and your back will hurt.

There are various makers of bike saddles, but here we’ll talk about Brooks C17 vs C15. Brooks is responsible for some of the best cambium saddles on the market that are well-designed and comfortable to use.

We’ll be looking at the Brooks Cambium C17 vs C15, and we will consider their features, build, and other things you need to know when getting a saddle.

Brooks Cambium C17 vs C15 Review

In this review, we’re going to give an insight into the nature of the two models, and also test them.

1. Brooks C17 Carved Review

If you need a saddle that’s perfect for long-distance riding and is very comfortable, then the Brooks Cambium C17 is a great choice for you. The seat is made with organic cotton and processed rubber. The material used to make this seat and its design ensure that your ride is comfortable.

This seat is a great choice if you ride on even or rough terrains. It’s structured to maximize its shock-absorbent abilities.

With this seat, you’ll hardly feel the effect of bumpy roads. The seat is very flexible, and it’s also durable. This property reduces the chances of your seat breaking or cracking under pressure. The seat can accommodate a lot of weight.

If you live in an area or you ride in areas that have frequent downpours, the C17 is a good choice. It’s designed with protection from water and other elements, and the seat comes with waterproof nylon. Also, the seat is convenient to use under the sun as well. You can use this seat at all times of the day without worry as this Brooks C17 review shows.

The design and build of the seat give it a toughness that’s a must. This seat can withstand the rigors of riding, and it’s sure to last you a very long time. It allows you to navigate the most uncomfortable of terrains without feeling a thing. The saddle has a measurement of 283 x 162 x 52mm, and it weighs about 400 grams.

  • It’s suitable for uneven terrains
  • Flexible and strong
  • The seat is made of organic cotton and vulcanized rubber
  • You can use the seat at all times of the day, under any weather
  • Weighs 400 grams
  • Support could be better

2. Brooks Cambium C15 Review

Almost any Brooks Cambium C15 review shows that this one is a well-designed and highly-comfortable saddle that brings the best out of your riding experience. This seat is designed for racing, and it’s comfortable for riding at high speed.

The saddle is made from organic cotton and vulcanized natural rubber. These materials give the seat a very comfortable feel, and at the same time make it strong and flexible. The materials used to make it allow your seat to stretch a little to reduce the risk of it breaking under high pressure. This makes it capable of sustaining a lot of weight.

The Brooks C15 Saddle is also light and allows you to pedal with ease. It’s a great choice for race bikes or long-distance riding. With these seats, you can ride on even or rough terrains without feeling a thing. If you’re into strenuous rides like mountain riding or cross-country riding this is a good choice of saddle.

Another perk of the Brooks C15 is that you can ride it under any weather condition. The seat is designed with waterproof features. If the weather in your location is unpredictable, it’s advisable to go with this seat. That way you can ride under the sun or even rain without having to worry about your saddle getting soaked or hot.

This model takes into consideration the fact that there are different body types and weights. It’s available in varying widths to match different body types. You can be certain that you’ll get a seat that fits you with this model. The seat is also designed with a suspension feature that makes it easier and more comfortable to ride. It easily absorbs the vibrations from the road.

  • Made from organic cotton and vulcanized natural rubber
  • It’s designed with waterproof properties, and you can ride it under any weather
  • The saddle is available in different widths to suit a wide range of body types
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Made in Italy
  • None


The saddle is one of the main determining factors of how comfortable your ride will be. If your saddle isn’t well made it will tell directly on your body.

If you’re looking to get yourself a saddle and you’re not sure which model to trust, it’s safe to go for the Brooks Cambium. It could be the C17 or the C15. They are both great products.

Let us know in the comments which one would you pick please!

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