Do Cyclists Need Insurance? Top Tips for Staying Safe This Winter

If you’ve been an enthusiastic lockdown cyclist, you’re probably getting ready for some of your first winter miles.

With the pandemic bike boom bringing the number of cyclists in London up by nearly 120%, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself safe on the roads.

Even though insurance isn’t a legal requirement for cyclists, this guide will outline some of the benefits of having one – and how it could help you more than you’d think.

Getting It Covered

Bike insurance will provide you with the peace of mind that if you’re involved in an accident on the roads, you’ll be protected.

The most standard cover protects your bike against theft or damage, but you could also add further options to your cycle insurance policy including personal accident cover or legal expenses.

Depending on your policy, you could also be covered for a replacement bike, using your bike abroad, or for the cost of recovery if you’re unable to complete your ride due to mechanical failure.

This could be a sensible choice if you’re joining the surge of sustainable holidaymakers booking holidays in the UK to explore the natural surroundings on two wheels.

Staying Safe in Winter

Even though exposure to cooler temperatures could boost your immunity this winter, it’s best to wrap up with the right winter kit to keep you warm, comfortable, and aerodynamic.

Try to choose bright, reflective clothing – with reduced visibility in poor weather, it’s important to do everything you can to help motorists see you.

With harsh weather set to make the roads a lot more hazardous, it could also be worth adding a pair of mudguards to your bike to protect your kit and your mates from the conditions.

Plus, winter calls for wider or specific seasonal tires for more grip – if you’re not sure how to fit them, check in with your local bike mechanic.

Protecting Your Tech

Another huge benefit of cyclists insurance is the option to protect your bike and its accessories.

This might not be a huge concern for beginner cyclists, but if you’ve ‘caught the bug’ you’ve probably splashed out a fair sum on a good quality kit.

Cyclists with a need for speed might head out with equipment for recording data, including bike computers, power meters, and speed sensors – and these come at a fair price.

If you’re looking to post your rides and stats on Strava but can’t afford to damage or replace your tech, it’s worth opting for a cycling insurance policy.

Final Thoughts

While you can still enjoy the great outdoors on your bike without insurance, a cycling-specific policy could reduce anxieties about damaging or losing your bike or kit – and could help to keep you safe, too.

Shailen Vandeyar

A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to plant trees and play with my pet bunny when not out cycling through the best routes, reviewing the latest gear, and sharing tips on everything biking.

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