Garmin Edge Explore Review in 2022

Garmin has built a reputation for making state-of-the-art bike computers. The company has also done well to offer customers incredible prices. However, we have always known that more was indeed needed. Well, it looks like Garmin has listened to the requests of its customers as you can see in this Garmin Edge Explore review. From what we can see so far, the company has finally managed to put together a finely tuned bike computer with its new Garmin Edge Explore.

What makes this new device even more special is the fact that Garmin still offers it at great prices. It’s literally an improved product that sells for the same old price. There are several cyclo computers out there. But the Garmin Edge is probably one of the few that gives you immense value for money.

In this review, we’ll give you as much information as possible about the product, why it’s worth your money, and also list down features to look out for.

Garmin Edge Explore In-Depth Review

A bike computer is a relatively new cycling accessory that has found a lot of applications. In the past, you could easily ride trails blind and deal with any issues as they arise. But technology has become a bit more sophisticated. For example, if there’s a way to avoid a bad trail ahead, why wouldn’t you take it?

Bike computers give you the power to have more control over how you cycle. With GPS tracking, you’re able to anticipate any issues on the trail and avoid them before it’s too late. But the Garmin Edge offers more than that.

For example, you can use this device to set up emergency contacts in case of an accident. From this Garmin Edge Explore review, you’ll also notice that the device can be highly personalized. It lets you set up your own favorite cycling trails anywhere you want.

  • GPS map comes preloaded with courses
  • Super easy to add, load, and update courses
  • Can automatically alert emergency contacts in case of collision
  • Relatively large and weather-resistant display
  • Auto collision detection
  • The battery life isn’t that long

You can even invite other avid cyclists to follow your courses and share your experience. Garmin has added turn-by-turn navigation, messaging, and so much more. We will get into more details about these features in this Garmin Edge Explore review here below.


The use of GPS navigation is very important in cycling. GPS is basically a preloaded map that helps you locate trails and new courses.

It’s very essential on the off chance that you get lost. You’ll be able to use GPS navigation to find your way back to safety.

The GPS can also be used to save your routes. So, when you’re done after a long day of cycling, you can go back and review your trails for any new information. It’s also possible to set milestones on the Garmin Edge app.

Preloaded Courses

One thing we love the most about the Garmin Edge is that it’s so easy to personalize. The more you use it, the more it becomes useful to you personally as a rider.

The computer also comes preloaded with courses that you can try out for an adventure. However, you’re always free to set up or remove any courses that you no longer like.

Additionally, the device is fitted with turn-by-turn navigation. This gives you better control on the road. You’re able to see what’s ahead easily, way beyond your line of sight. Turn-by-turn navigation also gives you information about the terrain. You’re, therefore, able to know how challenging the ride will be.


The Garmin Edge will come with a live tracking feature. This one is designed to enhance the sense of community among riders. When it’s enabled, it allows other riders in the vicinity to track your courses live.

The feature also allows group tracking. In essence, if you’re a group of individuals cycling a certain wild area, you can share your live locations and track one another all along. This then ensures that you all know where everybody is.


The Garmin Edge has a 3-inch screen. Although it’s not the largest screen out there, it’s big enough to let you see all the information you need to ride. The screen is also highly resistant to tough weather, including the scorching summer sun.


There are several safety features of note with the Edge Explore. First, you get the option to add three emergency contacts. This is done to ensure that in case of an accident, you have someone to contact right away.

The device is also fitted with an auto incident detection feature. You don’t need to press any buttons or call anyone in case of a collision. The device will detect this automatically and notify your emergency contacts immediately.


Both the Garmin Edge and its app are compatible with other devices. For example, you can load courses from other software like Strava into the device without any issue.

The device itself can also hook up with other hardware. For instance, you can connect it with the rearview radar or the smart lights on your bicycle.

Ease of Use

The Garmin Edge is easy to use. It’s such a simple and minimally designed gadget that should be easy to locate the commands and controls.

This simplicity is actually done on purpose. The last thing you want is to get distracted on the road trying to locate controls on the device.


Getting a quality bike computer is always a big priority for most cyclists. While there’s an array of devices out there, the Garmin Edge is one of the best.

It’s highly durable and comes with an array of great features. It also offers great value for money. As you can see from the Garmin Edge Explore review above, this is a solid product so feel free to give it a shot.

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