GXP vs BB30 Bottom Bracket Comparison for 2022

When you take a look at your bike, you see different parts that make it; the frame, the handlebars, the wheels, the pedals, and other visible things. Each part is a vital component, and if any of them is faulty, it can affect the overall performance of your bicycle.

There are some other smaller parts of the bike that we often overlook or don’t pay enough attention to. However, they are just equally important to the performance of your bike; one of those parts is the bottom bracket.

The bottom bracket is the part that connects your chainset or crankset to your bike. It gives the chainset space to move without disturbance. We’re going to be looking at two different bottom brackets, the GXP vs BB30 bottom bracket in this review.

GXP vs BB30 Bottom Bracket Reviews

We’re going to go through the features of each bottom bracket, and at the end, we’ll give you the differences between the GXP vs BB30 bottom bracket.

1. GXP Bottom Bracket Review

You may be wondering what is GXP bottom bracket? The GXP Bottom Bracket is a well-designed SRAM bottom bracket that makes your rides noticeably better and more enjoyable. It’s the perfect example of what a bottom bracket should be. It has some nice features that-suited for its purpose, and we’ll be looking at some of them.

The bracket is made from CNC-machined aluminum. This gives the bracket a light weight and makes it strong as well. It’s an important factor that the bottom bracket is light because it reduces the weight added to your bike, and it makes it easy to rotate. Also, you need the bottom bracket to be strong because it attaches your crankset to your bike, and it will be under a lot of pressure when riding.

The bracket is designed with a ceramic bearing technology that gives it a smooth body. It makes it easier for the crankset to rotate and hence easier for you to ride. This property also gives the bracket protection against moisture and dirt. This means you can ride on wet, muddy trails without fear of damage to your crankset or brackets.

This is the best GXP bottom bracket on the market. It’s very light, has a weight of 145g, and a dimension of 5.1×3.4×2.2 inches. It’s perfectly rounded, reducing the amount of friction and making it easy for your chainset to rotate.

  • It has a ceramic bearing technology that gives it a smooth body
  • The bracket is resistant to moisture and dirt
  • It’s very light and durable
  • Designed using CNC-machined aluminum
  • Can function without the use of side-load bearings
  • You’ll need an adapter to make use of this model

2. Best BB30 Bottom Bracket

The BB30 Bottom Bracket is also an SRAM bracket. It’s made of good-quality as expected; it’s strong and durable, it’s capable of hard rides, and you’ll be satisfied with its performance.

The wheels are designed with aluminum cups. This gives it a light weight and durability which make for a strong disposition. This bracket is designed to last you for a while without getting damaged. The bracket is heavier than the GXP bottom bracket, and it’s also smaller. It has dimensions of 4.5 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches and a weight of 153g.

Unlike the GXP bottom bracket, the BB30 can function without the use of an GXP to BB30 adapter, and it’s compatible with 24mm cranks. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require any special tool or attention.

The bearings of this bracket are well-protected and safe from corrosion; they are protected with silicone seals. If you get this bracket, you can be certain that it will last for a long time.

  • The bearings are well protected by silicone seals
  • They are designed with aluminum cups
  • Compatible with 24mm cranks, and you don’t need an adapter
  • Anodized aluminum cups are durable and lightweight
  • It’s not easy to use a four-spacer with the BB30

GXP vs BB30 Bottom Bracket Comparison

We’ve given you the features of each of the bottom brackets; now, we want to look at their differences.

Between the GXP vs BB30 bottom bracket, which is better? Let’s find out.


You’ll have noticed the difference in the size and weight of the brackets.

In terms of weight, the GXP bottom bracket is lighter than the BB30 bottom bracket. It has a weight of 145g, while the BB30 weighs 153g.

When it comes to size, the BB30 is surprisingly smaller despite its weight. It has dimensions of 4.5 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches, while the GPX measures 5.1 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches.

Bearing Seals

Another major difference is in their bearing seals and their use.

The bearing seal of the BB30 is made of silicone while that of the SRAM GXP is made of ceramic. They are effective seals and can effectively protect your bearings from moisture and dirt.

Lastly, you will have noticed that we mentioned adapters when discussing their properties. Before you can use the 24mm cranks in the GXP, you will need an adapter.

However, the BB30 is designed readily compatible with a 24mm crank.


The color is another noticeable difference between them. The GXP bottom bracket is more attractive and colorful. It has red-black color while the BB30 is pure black.


After comparing the GXP vs BB30 bottom bracket, we can say that they are good choices of bottom brackets, and they will work for a long time. They both offer you great performance, and they each have their advantage over the other.

However, after testing each one and carrying out our research, we have concluded that the GXP Bottom Bracket is the best choice. It’s designed with CNC machined aluminum that makes it very light and durable. It’s one of the strongest bottom brackets you’ll find.

It also has bearing seals with ceramic technology. This gives it a smooth body and protects the bearing from water.

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