How to Bar Spin on Your Bike

Excited to learn how to bar spin? Well, we’re excited to teach you! You see, this is one of the most fun bike tricks on the street, and doing it is sure to get you noticed. The best part is that this is also one of the easiest bike stunts ever which is why it’s one of the first stunts that people learn after learning how to stay balanced on their bikes.

In fact, learning how to barspin is commonly attributed to novice bike riders because those who’ve been riding bikes for a certain amount of time will have mastered this skill already.

Learn how to barspin BMX and any other bike and we guarantee you’ll be cooler than cool in front of your friends, not to mention your crush! Without further ado, take notes as we take you on a step-by-step process on how to bar spin.

How to Do a Barspin

The first steps in learning how to do a barspin involve getting your bike safety gear in place. Once that’s done, simply follow these instructions:

1. Try to Do the Bunny Hop 

If you’re reading this then you probably already know how to do the bunny hop as it’s another super easy bike trip that most beginners learn early on. All you have to do is lift your bike’s front wheel. That’s it!

The key to this move is to make sure that your body weight is placed onto the back of your bike entirely while pulling up the handlebars. The goal is to lift the front wheels of your bike off the ground and keep them off.

To keep your bike balanced through this move, it’s important to keep your pedals at a straight level. You can also use your thighs to pick your seat in order to maintain control and manage the panic you might initially feel when doing your very first bunny hop.

2. Spin the Bike Handlebars

Part of learning how to bar spin involves learning how to spin the handlebars. This comes after you’ve mastered the bunny hop and all you have to do is start by leaning against a wall.

You should then do a 360 spin using your handlebars while the front wheel of your bike is off the ground. Use your dominant to keep control of the situation and you can always start with a 180-degree turn first until you’re able to master a more difficult or complex set of movements.

Practice this again and again until you’re able to do a 360 spin without flinching.

3. Practice the Bunny Hop and the Barspin 

We know this sounds daunting but we promise you can do it. To start, do the bunny hop as instructed above but this time, try to keep the front wheel up for a prolonged period of time. This will make it easier to keep your balance when it’s time to do the barspin.

Then, remember to pinch your seat to help maintain control of your bike as you spin it at a 180-degree angle.

This move is a bit more complex so you might have to practice it again and again until you’re able to do a 360-degree turn quickly and effectively.

You want to have fun throughout this process and the only way to achieve that is to master every aspect of it.

Extra Tips

In addition to learning how to bar spin, we’re going to show you how to spice it up once you’ve mastered the initial stunt.

Consider the Double Barspin 

As the name implies, the double barspin involves doing two of these bad boys while keeping your bike’s front wheels elevated.

The key is to rotate the handlebars at an accelerated speed while keeping the front wheels of your bike elevated.

Watch how your hand reacts after the spin because it should be able to react fast enough to spin and catch the handlebars simultaneously at a fairly quick speed.

Use Stunt Pegs

Another pro tip to learn is to use stunt pegs as a balancing factor for the back wheels of your bike.

They make it that much easier to put all of your weight on the rear part of your bike so that you can achieve that front elevation more effortlessly.

Putting stunt pegs on the back of your bike will also make it so much easier for you to do tricks like the barspin in all of its different variations.


Isn’t it fun to learn how to bar spin? We sure think it is! We hope that you’ll enjoy performing this stunt as much as we do, and who knows?

It might inspire you into a new hobby; that of doing BMX stunts. It’s as fun and enjoyable as it is a viable form of exercise.

In fact, you can spend hours performing bike tricks without feeling the time pass by, and it’s a great way to relieve stress.

Shailen Vandeyar

A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to plant trees and play with my pet bunny when not out cycling through the best routes, reviewing the latest gear, and sharing tips on everything biking.

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