Souke Sports Pro Line Cycling Jerseys Reviewed

If you are a serious cyclist, you cannot disregard the importance of having a good cycling jersey. The right jersey not only improves your comfort and confidence while cycling but also comes with other benefits. You basically want a cycling jersey that sits fairly close to your skin with the most minimum flapping material, especially if you’re a racer seeking an aerodynamic advantage.

The best jersey is also made of fabric that provides you with a good amount of stretch as well as fast drying and wicking. Premium cycling jerseys come with silicone grippers at the waistband and preferably laser cut sleeves.

A good cycling jersey should come with three rear pockets for storing your basic necessities such as spare tubes or even a water bottle. You may also need a one-zipped pocket that is water-resistant enough to protect your smartphone.

Another important thing to consider in a good cycling jersey is its fit. A jersey with an overly tight silicone gripper will not only cut into your waist but feel extremely uncomfortable too. On the other hand, a jersey with too much room flaps in the wind and will possibly bunch or wrinkle. A well-fitting jersey feels comfortable and is neither too tight nor too loose.

It is also important to consider the material the jersey is made of. Consider the conditions you normally ride in when choosing the right cycling jersey material. Mesh jerseys can easily cause nasty sunburns if you ride in hot conditions while thick materials may be good in high altitudes but a torture in summer months riding.

Souke Men’s Hi Race Quick Dry Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

If you are looking for extremely comfortable men’s short-sleeved riding jerseys, the entire CS1101 to CS1107 range of Souke Sports jerseys is a perfect choice for you. These are super comfortable, breathable, and high visibility jerseys available in high-quality Italian fabric, original designs, and colors.

At Souke Sports you get high-quality pro line cycling jerseys suitable for all riding conditions. At present they have 7 series of riding jerseys namely the CS1101 to CS1107.

The CS1101 and CS105 are made from customized lightweight fabric designed for quick-drying and available in pure color designs. The rest of our jerseys including the CS1102, 1103, 1104, 1106, and 1107 are made from the same quick-dry fabric but in different designs and styles.

Souke Sports uses Italian materials in the manufacture of their cycling jerseys. These are extremely light, soft, and quick-drying materials for all-weather riding conditions. If you want the lightest, and in our opinion, the best jersey material, we recommend the CS1101 range of jerseys that comes in several colors including orange, dark blue, black, grey, purple, and blue.

Souke Sports riding jerseys come in an original design and feature a silicone gripper at the waistband for firm comfortable wear. They also come with 3 pockets at the back and a reflective design to keep you visible and safe when riding in dark or low-light conditions.

Let’s take a quick look at the advantages and benefits you get from a few of the best-selling Souke Sports pro line riding jerseys.

1. Souke Men’s High Visible Quick-Drying Jersey Pro with 3 Rear Pockets – CS1101

The CS1101 line of high visible quick-drying men’s riding jerseys is made of 20% spandex and 80% nylon materials. The jerseys are high-quality, high-end Italian designs made using light and soft nylon and spandex fabrics.

The materials are light and breathable enough to absorb moisture and release sweat as you hit the pedal on a hot day. They have a comfortable fit that feels just like your skin in all riding conditions.

The Souke CS1101 range of jerseys is also stretchable enough to allow comfortable and almost effortless muscle extension when tackling the toughest inclines and flat terrains.

They are super comfortable and come with the following features:

  • A silicone waist gripper to keep the jersey bottom firmly in place while riding
  • Highly visible thanks to the use of bright color designs that combine with high reflectivity to make you easily visible and safe in both high and low light riding conditions.
  • A Full Open Zipper closure design using the best quality YKK zippers.
  • A tight pattern design for any professional rider who wants the best and fastest cycling performance
  • 3 rear pockets that can be used to store basic riding essentials such as your phone, water, spare tube, pump, and small repair kit items among others.
  • Available in several colors including orange, dark blue, black, grey, purple, and blue.

The CS1101 range of jerseys is recommended for all riding conditions including road bike tours. The jerseys are also quite easy to maintain.

Just remember to wash with other fabrics of the same colors and hang to dry. You can also machine wash up to 30 degrees but do not bleach, iron, or dry clean to extend the jersey’s durability.

2. Souke Men’s Pro Team Race Fit Solid Cycling Jersey – CS1105

The CS1105 Men’s Pro Team Race cycling jersey is made of light and very soft fabrics that are breathable enough to absorb moisture and release sweat.

This range of Souke cycling jerseys is designed from 78% nylon and 22% spandex. Similar to the CS1101, the jersey is stretchable enough to allow better muscle extension while riding.

It is super comfortable and also features a silicone waist gripper, high-end YKK zipper design, high visibility bright colors, 3 rear pockets to carry your essentials such as your phone and simple repair kit, and a tight pattern design for the professional rider seeking speed and performance.

The short sleeve jerseys are recommended for road bike tours. They come in a range of bright highly visible colors including white, black, blue, orange, and green.

To make the jersey last longer and retain its original quality, do not dry clean, bleach, or iron but the jersey can be machine washed up to 30 degrees. Overall, this is another high-quality, high-end, and super-comfortable short-sleeved men’s riding jersey from Souke Sports.

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They also provide you with a helpful chart to help you find a suitable size when shopping online for the best cycling jerseys. Make sure to check your chest size and use the chart provided on the site to find a suitable size for you.

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