What to Wear to Spin Class: Best Clothes for Spin Class

Are you about to take your first spin class and are frantic about what to wear to cycling class?

Well, now that you’re here, you can stop freaking out because we have prepared the ultimate guide on what to wear to spin class and where you can get the best spinning workout clothes.

Whether you’re going to spin class on a spin bike for a tall person for the first time or you just want new spin class clothes, we’ve compiled the trendiest and most comfortable spinning clothes that will certainly make the top of your list for athletic wear.

Shopping for indoor cycling clothes can be a fun activity, so let’s get started with our list of what to wear to spin class.

What NOT to Wear to Spin Class

Before delving into what to wear to spin class, let’s first establish what NOT to wear to spin class. For beginners and first-timers, it’s easy to mix up normal athletic wear with spinning workout clothes.

So, to save you from confusion, we’ve listed everything you shouldn’t be wearing to your spin class and all the reasons why.

  • Cotton Clothes: Cotton is a big no when it comes to workout clothes. Cotton is super absorbent and can quickly get soaked up with all that sweat and cling on to your body. Nobody wants their sweat-drenched clothes clinging on so tightly.
  • Sweatshirts and Sweatpants: Unless you fall in the sweat-loving category of fitness freaks, sweats aren’t precisely the best option to go for when choosing what to wear to spin class. You will be soaked because of the intense workout and the general temperature for indoor cycling classes.
  • Any Stiff Material: This one’s a no-brainer, but when choosing spinning clothes, do not opt for clothes that are made from a rigid or sturdy material such as jeans, dress shirts, etc.
  • No Underwear: Yes, no underwear. This comes off as a shock for newbie cyclists but wearing underwear under your padded bike shorts can cause all sorts of chafing and burns. It’s best to go commando when it comes to any kind of cycling.

What to Wear to Spin Class

Now, we get to the good stuff, the best clothes for spin class you need to have in your wardrobe. We’ve incorporated a range of athletic wear that not only helps you attain maximum comfort but also allows you to exercise your limbs freely.

Padded Shorts

A sore bum and tons of chafing are a problem for many when it comes to cycling. This is due to the thinner material on most athletic wear that isn’t designed for cycling.

Padded shorts are made with a thin protective layer of padding that provides support and structure to your lower half while preventing intense chafing and excessive pressure on your sit bones.

Pro tip: Never wear underwear under padded shorts. This will only worsen the chafing down there. It’s always best to go commando in these situations. The addition of underwear will trap the moisture making it very unhygienic for you.

Eco-Daily Women’s Padded Bike Shorts

These padded bike shorts by Eco-daily are made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex blend fabric. Their moisture-wicking properties make sure that you stay dry and cool even through long hours at your spin class.

They have a compressive fit that perfectly contorts to your body and features a seamless chamois with multi-density padding that gives you matchless comfort and protection from chafing. The waistband and leg details are crafted to provide you with the absolute freedom to move around.

Souke Sports Men’s Cycling Underwear Shorts

Made with an 85% polyester and 15% spandex blend, Souke cycling shorts bring you a seamless experience with their anti-slip leg grips that prevent chafing and fit snugly to make sure you’re comfortable for hours on end.

These shorts are made with 4D pads that are incredibly durable and have the appropriate density to support your body weight comfortably. With a wide elastic waistband and durable material, these shorts are a must-have for any spin cyclist.

Pants for Spin Class

If you’re not a shorts person, don’t worry. We have compiled our list of the best tried and tested cycling pants that will give you a breezy and comfortable experience.

Under Armour Women’s Heat Gear Capri Leggings

These Under Armour pants are made with 87% polyester and 13% Elastane so they can fit around your limbs snugly.

This blended fabric is made to be lightweight while covering your legs completely. With moisture-wicking properties and ergonomic fit, these shorts provide you mobility in all directions.

Naviskin Women’s 3D Padded 3/4 Cycling Tights

Navskin brings incredibly comfortable athletic pants for cyclists. With stretchy and moisture-wicking fabric and comfortable chamois built, these pants contort according to the body and give you a comfortable and breathable experience. It also features an anti-slip hem and reflective parts that add to the appeal of these pants.

Padded Underwear

In case you’re not comfortable with going commando under padded shorts, it’s best to invest in pairs of padded underwear to wear under your regular yoga pants and leggings.

These types of underwear are a lifesaver for anyone who’s looking to have a comfortable cycling experience without going commando with cycling shorts.

BALEAF Women’s Cycling Underwear

These Baleaf cycling underwear are made with moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that keeps you dry down there.

There is 3D gel padding in the underwear to give maximum comfort. Alongside all that, the elastic waistband and flatlock seams help to prevent chafing and rashes down there.

Beroy Women Quick-Dry Cycling Underwear

Made with a polyester and spandex blend fabric, this Beroy underwear fits snug with your body while giving you a breathable experience and drying down all moisture as quickly as possible.

This underwear reduces friction effectively, and the 3D gel padding helps to protect you from getting a sore bum. Additionally, they are made with a silicone blend that prevents the underwear from riding up.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the right spinning clothes is crucial for having a comfortable and breezy spinning class experience.

So, we hope that with this article we solved your “what to wear to spin class?” problem and now you can rock these stylish yet comfy pieces to your next class. Happy spinning!

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